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caddis - Psychoglypha

caddis - Psychoglypha
Port Coquitlam, Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada
May 12, 2007
Size: 12mm excluding ant.


I believe your caddisfly to be a Limnephilid (Northern Casemaker), likely of genus Psychoglypha (Snow Sedge), possibly P. alaskensis as that species has a later flight period extending into spring.

Not a silver sedge?
This reminds me very much of Hesperophylax (if I'm spelling that correctly!). Any way to easily tell the two apart?

Thanks! Should I place it on the species page?

No, that was just a guess. I
No, that was just a guess. I'd suggest (creating and) putting it on a page for Psychoglypha under Limnephilidae. Someone may well challenge (or even support) that placement, which is a good thing, as identification from a photo is problematic at best.

Psychoglypha looks good
...based on the nearly identical photo of Psychoglypha avigo from Oregon State U., but there's 13 other Psychoglypha species listed at and maybe some of those look like this too?

Thanks again.