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Home Made Insect Exhibit Case

Hey guys, I started getting into insects last summer and have decided that I want to start collecting. Only problem is I'm a Jr. in high school and I work at a local grocery store... so I dont have much money. Anyways I've been coming up with a lot of neat ideas for collecting but nothing is coming to me on how to make some exhibit cases, I dont even know where to start.
I just figured why not bring it up and maybe some suggestions will help others too. Anyways to the point, does anybody have any ideas on how to make an exhibit case that would be cheap. I looked on google for about an hour but couldn't find anything. This case I would prefer to be like the ones you can buy from science supply companies... Ideas would be greatly apreciated.

build your own
if you or someone you know is good with a table saw, you can make Cornell drawers out of pine or basswood for very cheap. I make all of my own, (now up to 60!) and if you keep an eye out you can get glass salvaged from someone that replaces windows. I got enough glass from one apartment building to make dozens of drawers. I figure I can build a dozen drawers for about 60 bucks in materials. your best bet is to actually buy one good one from bioquip, usually around 50 dollars, so you can see how the lids work, and have all the measurements you need. Then spend a day with someone good at the saw and make as many as you want. I also build my own cabinets to store the drawers in, and those are cheap to build too. Bioquip does offer the drawers you put together on your own, they are up to 80 dollars for six, and you still have to get glass.

I bring my bugs to alot of schools...
so I use bait and tackle boxes from Wall-Mart. They are 15$ and have see through tops and have a handle on top for easy they look professional?...maybe not, but they work well and are so easy to transport from class to class...

Here is an idea...
...don't know what your budget is but you may want to try these:
Bioquip ( Item # 1010BM on page 4 will get you six drawers less glass.

...the classic insect display case for (literally) centuries has always been an empty cigar case. just the right size, fairly tight-fitting, etc.

But if you want a glass-topped display case that looks really nice that's going to be trickier. If I remember correctly, there's a section in Borror and DeLong's Introduction to the Study of Insects on making your own display cases. You might want to look there. That's a book you'll want in any event, as it's THE single indispensable resource for anyone starting a collection! Collecting info, Keys to families for all orders, equipment info, anatomy and insect behavior... If you don't have it yet, that's where I'd spend money first (after getting a net, making killing jars, etc.).

Good luck w/ your collection! I didn't start until I was in college, alas, which I'd started younger. There's no better way to get a true understanding of the diversity of nature.

I'll have to look into the book but thanks for wishing me good luck:) I hope this summer is very productive...