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Cicada - Neotibicen winnemanna

Cicada - Neotibicen winnemanna
Pittsboro, Chatham County, North Carolina, USA
July 10, 2015
Size: ~35 mm

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Cicada - Neotibicen winnemanna Cicada - Neotibicen winnemanna Cicada - Neotibicen winnemanna

Moved from ID Request.

Neotibicen sp.
Do you happen to have a ventral image (or other angles)?

I'm tempted to say Neotibicen winnemanna based on what appears to be a more broken face-mask (this is variable) along with hints of brown on the dorsal of the abdomen (this brown color could just be light, though). I would let the others weigh in on this.

It looks Quasi-teneral (Just emerged for a few hours).

thank you -
I have added another image, hopefully a more helpful angle? The abdominal segments were very dark dorsally, almost a dark gold color.

Thanks for the new image...
...the dark gold color seems to match the description of the N. winnemanna.

Also, the ventral shows a lack of a dark stripe, which generally rules out N. robinsonianus and N. linnei.

According to the page. "[The ventral stripe] trait is lacking or very poorly developed in specimens of [N]. winnemanna," which matches your specimen.

I'll still wait and see what others have to say.