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tiny black worm-like tadpole looking bug.. what is it?

There are a few of them in our basement now and I've never seen them before. If they are multiplying (?) I want to know what I'm up against. Anyone know what they are?

It sounds like my nightmare
I am so glad to have found out what this is. It is a Carpet Beetle Larvae. I thought I was being eaten alive but I found out they don't bite. I am allergic to them which makes me think they are biting when they get on my skin and cause welts that I thought were bites. I have never seen one on me. I just happened to see this on a blanket in the closet and was finally able to research it. I had seen the full grown carpet beetles when I found out something had eaten holes in a few sweaters, which I had thought were moths. Was I ever wrong! I have read it is actually the larvae that eat everything, that is how they become adult beetles. I had also seen them in beginning stage as like a black dot or egg that I couldn't figure out what it was and of course felt like I was being bitten. They love dark or damp areas. My husband who is not allergic was really starting to think I was crazy, to the point where I had scheduled a visit to a shrink. He thought a medication I was on was causing a allergic reaction because he could see the welts. He had never seen a bug and never been bitten so it was all me. It was to the point I was afraid I would end up divorced if I mentioned the word bug again. This has been going on for almost a year. Thank goodness I found this first and researched non stop for days on everything about them. I even put the one I found in a zip lock bag for my husband to see when I presented him with the research. It is still alive, a week later still squirming around in a sealed bag. I am waiting on the arrival of the stuff I found during research that had awesome bug free reviews on Amazon. I am looking for a way to upload the photos now.

I said black egg. It looks like white lint as egg which is why I sounded crazy to hubby because he always said it's just lint. Then small black looking dot, then larvae, then defined adult beetle.

Sorry, just reliving all of it I typed to fast and left some out.

I couldn't figure out how to upload but here is link
This is the link to the picture I found with the hair strands looking tail. If I put my bug that still won't die beside it, they would be identical. I uploaded to my images but it doesn't tell me how to load to this posts.

Carpet Beetle Larvae

Adult Carpet Beetle

I am new so I hope ok to post where I found them. I saw where others had posted links.

Tadpole looking big!!!
Hi, I've been reading this forum with no luck, seems like everyone has this problem!! I have a pic tho, so if this is the bug!!! Please explain what it is!! Can't find a look a like pic anywhere on the web!!! Shit there is no link or anything for me to upload my pic anyone know how to upload a pic??? I read how to upload my
Pic but it makes no sense I just have a pic and want to upload it bc I know I have the picture of the bug everyone is wanting to see

Click above on ID Request
and follow instructions there

threads dead baby, threads dead, but...
I saw something similar tonight on my bathroom sink (almost under the hand soap bottle). thought it was a big hair at first, but as I looked around the bottle, I saw it was more of a 3mm wide at the head hair- like worm (black and shiny, no legs). it had either two antenna,pincers or eyestalks on its head, and I first (before leaning around) thought it was an earwig butt.
it was about an inch long, and tapered more than a tadpole down to a very pointed tipped rear. It looked just like a very thin slug, but when i went to move the soap bottle and squish it, it literally moved so quickly and off the sink(out of sight) that I would say it vanished(or perhaps it jumped).
It had no segments and I know it had no legs.
This thing ive seen does not exist (as it doesnt for many here lol)

I have been finding the exact
I have been finding the exact same little black worms with pinchers on their heads like an earwig, but the ones I encounter move really slow. Maybe they are poisoned from the home defense spray I use around the baseboard of my room, but they definitely don't have legs, and just look like black shiny worms with pinchers? I'm extremely curious to know what they are. I usually find them moving slowly along the carpet in my room, or on the bathroom floor.

If you can get a photo... can post it to ID Request. Click on the "add image" link; fill in the submission form; and upload the pic.

Welcome to BugGuide!

Did anyone..
successfully identify the tadpole lookalike? I became very interested in the subject.

Yes. It's a silverfish. As to
Yes. It's a silverfish. As to the solution...still waiting on a cohesive one!


and for the second insect:


This is what I saw
It was on my water cooler which is white. They were grouped together in an oval like line and there were about 20 or more of them. They were little tiny black worms less than a centimetre tall. They were attached to the cooler by one end and were bending up by the other end in a sort of s movement. They looked like worms bobbing their heads up and down. I wiped them with a tissue and they seemed to be dead. They didn't "run away". I came back later and there were more, spread out, not clumped together like previously. I wish I had taken a picture but didn't think about it until afterwards. They are about the size of the letter S on this page. Tiny little S worms bobbing their heads up and down. I realize there are two different threads going on here about two different bugs but I posted on this one because others have mentioned a similar sighting to the one mentioned here and I was brought to this thread after my Google search. Hope that helps and hope you can tell me what they are. Have never seen them before and am worried they may be some sort of parasite in my bottled water?

These things I have them too
These things I have them too and am going crazy they feel like shards of glass when I pull them out you know how to help?

I have these bugs too!
OK guys... I hope I can shed some light on the matter by way of providing some video evidence of what I believe are these same creatures! VICTIMS PLEASE CONCUR! BUG EXPERTS PLEASE HELP! This is the YouTube link which I have just uploaded - hope it's clear from there:

tadpole bug?????//
i saw one of these creepy little things today. it shocked me ! i had never seen anything like it. the tadpole creature was all black, no visible legs, no antennae. i saw it in my locker, the creature was very fast. here, i drew a picture for those who believe it to be a silverfish, firebrat, ect:

edit: it seems most sightings of this thing are in Pennsylvania ? which is where i am.

creepy eel looking bug in basements that move very fast
I have been bouncing back and forth to this thread for years. I live in a basement apartment, been here for a few years. A year ago I was using the bathroom when I noticed a weird black squiggle thing that moved really fast and shimmied out of my radiator. When I screamed, it took off pretty quickly. Throughout the years I've been able to squish a few but they really just disintegrate which is creepy. Today I found one and doused it pretty heavily in fragrant perfume and it stayed immobile. I was able to take a picture, so I'm going to try to figure out how to post it.

did you find out?
Were you able to find out what these are? Can you post or email a pic?
I've only seen one so far but I disintegrated it.

black wiggling bugs
About an inch long or longer--long antennae--wriggling fast, like snakes--there on a large pillow near my bed, late at night, summer, NYC, tonight. UGH. Killed them both. Sprayed room w. bug spray. Shook out lots of boric acid over floor. Floorboards do NOT meet the wall. I live on top floor of bldg. What are these creepy squirmers? Luckily, I sleep w. earplugs anyway. Will call exterminator tomorrow.

I am so disgusted every time I see a post like this where someone sees a couple tiny little insects and they freak out to the point of DOUSING THEIR HOME WITH POISON. There is virtually no change the insects could have harmed you, all dangerous insects (and there are only a couple!) are very well known and easily recognized. The poisons you sprayed around like a panicking, overreactive lunatic, on the other hand, are incredibly harmful to you and the environment.

Insects exist. Everywhere. LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT. It's nature.

Why sleep with earplugs? There are no insects that deliberately enter ears, either, even a child should know that.

Insects in ears
Actually, I have seen videos on YouTube and also on a medical show just recently showing removal of insects from the ear canal. A roach I've seen a few times and once the doctor was removing a live cricket I think it was called. It had antenna(s) and wings. Our ear canals are longer than we realize.

That's your opinion
I just want to say your comment was extremely rude. First off, if someone wants to spray bug killer or perfume on a BUG,they have every right to and they don't have to learn to just "deal with it."
The majority of people in the world don't like to sit around knowing there's a bug hanging around their home. Especially one that they have no idea what it is or what it can do. (Who knows, maybe they might be allergic to it & not know it!) Second, many people use bug spray on bugs. Also, not everyone who said they used bug spray specified whether it was chemical or all natural. Is there something wrong with them killing a bug or insect? Do you have something against that?
As we're all entitled to our opinions, I'm not going to be rude like you and say something mean, but I do think that if you have something against killing "pests," then that's weird to me.
You're entitled to say what you said, but a piece of advice- next time, don't be so rude about! Don't go around telling people to "just learn to deal with it." Not everyone thinks like you, and we are all different with what we can "deal" with.
Good Luck


Rat-tail maggots? They are ve
Rat-tail maggots? They are very tadpole like...

creepy bug
I just found one of those creepy slug-like, black, no legged, slithery, tadpole things in my room as I was cleaning it up, there's a hole that connects right to the basement. The bug moved really fast and so far I've only found one, got a little to creeped out to catch it, but if I find another one I'll defiantly catch it and take a picture.

I had this problem for a year until I finally found out it is a baby silverfish! I know this is probably not the answer, but I thought it was a sluggish tadpole black bug that moves very fast at first, then I took a closer look, and saw the legs! The legs are almost invisible because it is a baby silverfish, so the legs are clearly very invisible when the silverfish is running. I promise you that this solved the mystery of the black tadpole like thing in my bathroom, so I hope this is your answer also.

I think I know what it is
There is a parasite called "Vandellia Cirrhosa" but are found in water or near it because they are closely related to Cat Fish they can live on land for short times and rarely attack humans but when they do they carry deadly diseases that require surgery for most but some are curable with just drugs of some sort and the bites can cause whats called "River Blindness" if they are from Africa. They are 2nd from the bottom on the list

This person did not find bloodsucking amazonian catfish in their bedroom, anon.

Here it is, the unknown species.

Sorry, But No.
I'm pretty sure that's not it... Not to be rude of anything, but that's not the thing the victim is thinking of. Its more black, and tear drop shaped. Not the parasite you were describing. Thanks for you effort on your behalf.

Same Thing?
I was outside the other day and a weird bug similar to this description but with wings bit me in the neck leaving a red swollen mark. I thhink one way you can try get rid of them is extreme heat or cold EG; Heating fan cooling fan etc or maybe poison of some sort?

Tiny black worm like bug
I found about 20 of these small worms crawling on top of my dryer , they could stand almost straight up and some hung from some type if web? I was thinking they could be some type of silkworm. They were tiny, black in color and looked like a tadpole. Has anyone found out exactly what they are?

Tadpole like bug
I came upon this site while trying to find out what these bugs were we found in my husbands workshop. I was amazed that so many other people are also trying to find out about them too. They are not silverfish, had those. These are really horrible , black body, no legs or antenna with a tail that moved like a snake when it moved along. Only saw one moving the rest were all gathered together in a pile. They appear in one place my husband gets rid of them on a shovel but the next morning there are more of them in the same place. Yuck has any body more answers, tomorrow morning I will take a photo and hopefully send it in.

Honestly, I had no luck trying to figure this bug thing out. I will try to post a picture, but I don't know. They move very fast!

Id request
When I do take a picture though, you have to check ID request for it... OK?

another witness
i live in Serbia and i have the same problem with these little things. i've been dealing with these bugs for a while and i did not found out what they are or from where they come from.. i've been looking on internet for the answer and didn't found much. i found some people with the same description and features but they didn't got the right answer. A lot of people think they are silverfish or centipede but i know they are not. I will try to describe with what i've been dealing with: they are about 0.5 cm to 1 cm long, with slim body that kind of reminds on millipede body, they are shiny light brown in color that sometimes seems to look even lighter and shinier when moving, oh and yeah one of most striking thing about them is their speed. Oh they move so fast :/ they don't seems to have antennae or legs(but they probably have a looot of legs when they're moving so fast)..
i noticed that i usually find them individually. i find them when least expected, in my closet, on the walls or hiding in books,under bed and such, they always suprise me(not in a very good way haha).
i prefer to kill insects without coming in touch with them, so i am usually using some bug spray or poison powder which doesn't seems to affect on these creatures, it seems that the only way to kill them is to smash them. i will try to take some pictures of them, but i am not sure i will make it because they are small and fast but i will try.. i am really annoyed by them, but even more annoyed by the fact that i can't find out what are they, what is name for them?...

I have seen these slimy creat
I have seen these slimy creatures near my bedroom windows and in the bathroom. I used isoprophyl alcohol in a spray bottle. And this works to kill them.

Drain worm
It sounds like a drain worm to me...and I think they r hard to get rid of.

Drain Worm, Drain Fly, Filter Fly, Moth Fly
If that's what these are here are a few images by Ashley Bradford:




That's not it either. I'll draw a picture to describe it.

it is called a Firebrat
I see these all the time at work and they are becoming more and more common. it is relative to a Silverfish
I hate the way they move and look (very threatening) almost lizard like
Although small nymphs (those that are less than 1/8 inch long) lack scales, both large nymphs and adults have them. If you see scales around or beneath damaged items, it is a good indication that these pests are the culprits. The scales are delicate, dustlike, and slightly incandescent in the light, and they stick to most surfaces.he common firebrat, Thermobia domestica is shiny, a mottled gray or brown, and about 1/2 inch long. Adults of both species are slender, wingless, soft-bodied insects with 2 long, slender antennae (Figure 1). Their bodies taper gradually from front to rear to 3 long, thin, taillike appendages.

Same problem with no answer
[ I am from Chicago, I don't live near a huge body of water, and I lived in this house before for 20 years and never seen these bugs before. I just moved back after the house was rebuilt, and these thing just now appeared. I would take a photo, but they are too fast and I rather not take one of a dead squished slug thing.]

I just went to go take a shower in my new house, and I seen a few dark grey almost black small looking slugs/worms in my tub and on the sink. They looked like larger tadpoles yet almost like a small leech mixed together. The were very flat and smooth with a very fragile looking body and SLITHERED away extremely fast. I couldn't see a face, antenna or any visible legs on them. They have a tapered body at the back.

I barely touched one with a paper and it was completely squished. They were all about 1.5mm long and a little less than .5mm wide. I have only seen them near places with water and the seem to come from the drain not the faucet. I have seen enough Silverfish to know that these things aren't them. Nor are they drain fly larvae because those are round. And I haven't seen any flatworms that look like these except for the very minute ones, in which case theses would be flatworm on steroids. All the photos I have seen on this post are too large, have a defined head, and seem to have too much color/stronger looking bodies. These are very flat, skinny, dark, and fast.

Saw these "things" too
I've seen the same squiggly bugs that look like a tadpole. Yuck...I can't find anything on the internet. Everyone says its a silverfish....No its not!!!! I know what they are and look like and that is definitely NOT it! Nor is it mosquito larva - they are moving on hard surfaces not in water!It reminds me of a teeny tiny snakehead! The one I saw was in the bathroom squirming around on the floor... then my husband saw one on his desk at work! He tried to smash it twice with his finger lightly and nothing but on the third try he smashed it with force and said it felt hard like it had scales. I want info on these squishy looking things....someone in the bug department needs to do some serious research! A lot of people are seeing the same type of tiny tadpole/snakehead thing! Someone HELP!

What is this thing?
The last few weeks I have found a few of these things in my bathroom and, my kittens trying to catch one on the kitchen floor. And This morning, there was one on my kitchen counter near the coffee pot. I am so grossed out I can't drink my coffee.

I agree with what this lady said but it isn't hard and it's a silverish color. It moves super fast but when it stood still I had my eye an inch away from it, I can't see any legs or antennae. and it is a dark silvery shiny color. I smash it and it just disintegrates. it's much. So damn gross. Has anyone figured out what this thing is? I feel like I have buys crawling all over me right now.

Think I know what they are....
I've just found loads of these in my children's paddling pool in my back garden. I googled them and I'm pretty sure they're mosquito larvae. Ill try to post some pictures.

the other night I saw a little, black, worm looking bug that was tadpole like in looks,as it tapered down twords the bottom, and was Extreamly fast moving! it was sitting on my bathmat when I turned on the light but when I went to stomp on it, it moved almost like a snake VERY fast....I have only seen this thing in my bathroom so far and have googled and googled (I am in Boston)....I have been all over the world and seen some crazy bugs....this thing had no antenea or visible legs, it looked smooth and tadpole/worm like it was not a silver fish for sure! but what concerns me is it can move fast and looks like a worm, those two things don't go together for me in making me like it....I want to know what the hell this thing is!?! and what it's capabilities are!?! ...some people on the net have suggested drain fly larvea some have suggested carpet beatle larvea but pictures of these do not resemble the little black worm/tadpole thing I saw.....Ideas???

My idea is for you to capture it
and take some good pictures. If you post pictures on the ID Request page it will be much easier to ID it.

for all that are describing t
for all that are describing these tadpole lookalike creatures found out of you all live near the ocean? just curious because i found them on my bathroom floor and i am 700 feet from the ocean. i am truly creeped out!

Rather than people guessing its appearance...'s a suggestion for those with these strange tadpole like creatures to help with ID.

Type the single word 'silverfish' in the search field on the upper right corner of the page. Dozens of images will show up. Please scan through these images & click on any that might look like what you're seeing to find out what it is. Or link to the photo & tell us how closely it resembles yours. It'll help people with narrowing it down. Not all the images there are silverfish though most are.

Be aware that
- silverfish are usually found in damp places like bathrooms & kitchens
- move VERY fast
- often don't seem to have visible legs
- have very fine thread-like antennae not easily seen
- come in various shades from silvery grey to almost black
- disintegrate easily & are 'powdery'
- run with an undulating movement like a snake
- shun bright lights so run when a bathroom light's turned on

Hope this helps figure out what the insect is people are describing.

Has to be Silverfish
I have been searching this bug or tadpole too, only thing I can find or think of is a infant silverfish, where either the antenna are not fully grown or they are being seen on light colored surfaces instead of dark colored ones. I live in Indiana, where I see them is in my bathroom and I can positively say they are coming in through my ceiling vent after it rains and not all the time and just one or two. They are very similar to a tadpole, but dissolve like a waterbug upon touching them with a papertowel, slithers like a centipede or tadpole, grey in color, has to be a silverfish.

From WV
I found one also n my bath tub got picture will post as soon as I figure outhow to post pics on this site

If you can't figure out out how to
post you can email it to me and I can post it for you. Click on my name to go to my account page if you need my email address.

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