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Hemiptera ? - Psylla

Hemiptera ? - Psylla
Blue Ridge Mountains Parkway, Watauga County, North Carolina, USA
June 17, 2015
Plant-parasitic Hemiptera? Thanks, Paul

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Hemiptera ? - Psylla Hemiptera ? - Psylla

Moved from Psylloidea.

Could be interesting
The long antennae, unless a product of the angle, exclude many of the "short-antennae" groups such as Aphalarinae, Pachypsyllinae, Calophyidae, etc., and make me think this is probably something in the Psyllidae. I would think the black opaque wings would make it easy to ID, but that isn't the case.

Please share any other angles you have, especially if you have one that shows better the wing venation.

Additional photo
I added an additional photo, but I don't think it's any better . I caught it while net sweeping for Leafhoppers in cut grass and small shrubs along the highway. It was quite small. Paul

the second photo does at least give a better idea of the relative antennae length. Keep an eye out for more of these - it's almost certainly new to the guide if we can figure out what it is.

there is a Pachypsylla that looks more or less like this
not sure there is enough detail here for an id, tho

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