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Type of scarab beetle.. - Cotinis mutabilis

Type of scarab beetle.. - Cotinis mutabilis
San Pedro River, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
July 11, 2015
Size: approx 1 inch
I had been with some insect collectors the night before who had quite a few of scarab beetles of different species. I wondered how I could get myself 1. The next day one flew towards me and landed on my shoulder. I captured it and later let it go. It was a beautiful being and I did not need to keep it. I would like to know what species..

Thank you..

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edit: I fixed the locality info...
to avoid the data map showing this species from New York.

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Your June Beetle looks like a Cotinis mutabilis. Here is one from California:

Good Luck!

OK. Thanks much!
OK. Thanks much!

Cotinis sp.

Thank You!
Thank You!