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? - Theridion

? - Theridion
Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida, USA
July 23, 2015
10 pm

Moved from ID Request.

Female Cobweb Spider
Oliver, your spider looks like a female Cobweb Spider, most likely in the genus Theridion. Please note that the BugGuide may not have your species page listed yet and there are about 65 or more species in that genus.
Here is an image of another type of Cobweb Spider feeding on one just like yours. You may want to read the notes that are posted on this one:

Here is an image of a female from your state that is still listed at the genus level, for Theridion:

Good Luck!

Thank you, Bob!
Theridion was also what I had guessed. I will move it accordingly and perhaps one day it might be assigned to a specific species. Thanks!