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Family Delphacidae - Delphacid Planthoppers

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha - True Hoppers
Infraorder Fulgoromorpha - Planthoppers
Superfamily Delphacoidea
Family Delphacidae - Delphacid Planthoppers

Subfamily Asiracinae
Genus Copicerus
Species irroratus - Copicerus irroratus
No Taxon n. sp. AZ
Genus Pentagramma
Species variegata - Pentagramma variegata
Species longistylata - Pentagramma longistylata
Species douglasensis - Pentagramma douglasensis
Species bivittata - Pentagramma bivittata
Species vittatifrons - Pentagramma vittatifrons
Subfamily Delphacinae
Tribe Saccharosydnini
Genus Saccharosydne
Species saccharivora - West Indian Canefly
Tribe Delphacini
Genus Achorotile
Species pediforma - Achorotile pediforma
Species acuta - Achorotile acuta
Species angulata - Achorotile angulata
Species apicata - Achorotile apicata
Species coloradensis - Achorotile coloradensis
Species curvata - Achorotile curvata
Species distincta - Achorotile distincta
Species transbaicalica - Achorotile transbaicalica
Species foeveata - Achorotile foeveata
Species subarctica - Achorotile subarctica
Species stylata - Achorotile stylata
Genus Aethodelphax
Species alatus - Aethodelphax alatus
Species aetocephalus - Aethodelphax aetocephalus
Species sagittatus - Aethodelphax sagittatus
Species prairianus - Aethodelphax prairianus
Species caninus - Aethodelphax caninus
Species megadontus - Aethodelphax megadontus
Species paraparvulus - Aethodelphax paraparvulus
Species concavus - Aethodelphax concavus
Genus Akemetopon
Species ainigma - Akemetopon ainigma
Species inornatum - Akemetopon inornatum
Species comptum - Akemetopon comptum
Genus Bakerella
Species fusca - Bakerella fusca
Species penefusca - Bakerella penefusca
Species bullata - Bakerella bullata
Species cinerea - Bakerella cinerea
Species pediforma - Bakerella pediforma
Species muscotana - Bakerella muscotana
Species cornigera - Bakerella cornigera
Species minuta - Bakerella minuta
Species bidens - Bakerella bidens
Species rotundifrons - Bakerella rotundifrons
Species maculata - Bakerella maculata
Species angulata - Bakerella angulata
Species spinifera - Bakerella spinifera
Genus Bostaera
Species balli - Bostaera balli
Species nasuta - Bostaera nasuta
Genus Caenodelphax
Species teapae - Caenodelphax teapae
Genus Chionomus
Species balboae - Chionomus balboae
Species bellicosus - Chionomus bellicosus
Species cultus - Chionomus cultus
Species dissipatus - Chionomus dissipatus
Species havanae - Chionomus havanae
Species herkos - Chionomus herkos
Species pacificus - Chionomus pacificus
Species puellus - Chionomus puellus
Species quadrispinosus - Chionomus quadrispinosus
Species tenae - Chionomus tenae
No Taxon balboae or havanae
Genus Chloriona
Species sicula - Chloriona sicula
Genus Conomelus
Species anceps - Conomelus anceps
Genus Criomorphus
Species inconspicuus - Criomorphus inconspicuus
Genus Delphacodes - Delphacini Incertae sedis
Species acuministyla - Delphacodes acuministyla
Species angulata - Delphacodes angulata
Species anufrievi - Delphacodes anufrievi
Species apicata - Delphacodes apicata
Species balli - Delphacodes balli
Species bocana - Delphacodes bocana
Species caerulata - Delphacodes caerulata
Species curvistyla - Delphacodes curvistyla
Species furcata - Delphacodes furcata
Species indentistyla - Delphacodes indentistyla
Species lappae - Delphacodes lappae
Species livida - Delphacodes livida
Species mcateei - Delphacodes mcateei
Species nigrinota - Delphacodes nigrinota
Species nigripennata - Delphacodes nigripennata
Species penepuella - Delphacodes penepuella
Species quadridentis - Delphacodes quadridentis
Species recurvata - Delphacodes recurvata
Species scolochloa - Delphacodes scolochloa
Species seminigra - Delphacodes seminigra
Species shermani - Delphacodes shermani
Species silvae - Delphacodes silvae
Species staminata - Delphacodes staminata
Species stricklandi - Delphacodes stricklandi
Species sucinea - Delphacodes sucinea
Species trimaculata - Delphacodes trimaculata
Species truncata - Delphacodes truncata
Species turgida - Delphacodes turgida
Species waldeni - Delphacodes waldeni
Genus Elachodelphax
Species bifida - Elachodelphax bifida
Species borealis - Elachodelphax borealis
Species coloradensis - Elachodelphax coloradensis
Species hochae - Elachodelphax hochae
Species indistinctus - Elachodelphax indistinctus
Species mazama - Elachodelphax mazama
Species paransera - Elachodelphax paransera
Species pediforma - Elachodelphax pediforma
Species peneparvula - Elachodelphax peneparvula
Species unita - Elachodelphax unita
Genus Euryburnia
Species eurytion - Euryburnia eurytion
Species magnifrons - Euryburnia magnifrons
Species montana - Euryburnia montana
Species obesa - Euryburnia obesa
Genus Eurysa
Species kormusi - Eurysa kormusi
Genus Falcotoya
Species sagae - Falcotoya sagae
Genus Flavoclypeus
Species andromedus - Flavoclypeus andromedus
Species latidens - Flavoclypeus latidens
Species nitens - Flavoclypeus nitens
Species atridorsum - Flavoclypeus atridorsum
Species nigriscutellatus - Flavoclypeus nigriscutellatus
Species aduncus - Flavoclypeus aduncus
Species nigrifacies - Flavoclypeus nigrifacies
Species incurvus - Flavoclypeus incurvus
Genus Isodelphax
Species basivitta - Isodelphax basivitta
Species montezumae - Isodelphax montezumae
Species nigridorsum - Isodelphax nigridorsum
Species plenatra - Isodelphax plenatra
Genus Javesella
Species atrata - Javesella atrata
Species pellucida - Javesella pellucida
Species opaca - Javesella opaca
Species lutulentella - Javesella lutulentella
Species incerta - Javesella incerta
Species ila - Javesella ila
Species beringiaca - Javesella beringiaca
Species arcanastyla - Javesella arcanastyla
Species dolera - Javesella dolera
Species simillima - Javesella simillima
Species obscurella - Javesella obscurella
Species discolor - Javesella discolor
Genus Kelisoidea
Species versa - Kelisoidea versa
Genus Keyflana
Species hasta - Keyflana hasta
Genus Kormus
Species californicus - Kormus californicus
Genus Kosswigianella
No Taxon subgenus Acanthodelphax
Species analis - Kosswigianella analis
Species wasatchi - Kosswigianella wasatchi
No Taxon subgenus Kosswigianella
Species irrutilo - Kosswigianella irrutilo
Species lutulenta - Kosswigianella lutulenta
Species lutulentoides - Kosswigianella lutulentoides
Species perusta - Kosswigianella perusta
Genus Kusnezoviella
Species macleani - Kusnezoviella macleani
Species munda - Kusnezoviella munda
Genus Laccocera
Species bicornata - Laccocera bicornata
Species canadensis - Laccocera canadensis
Species flava - Laccocera flava
Species lineata - Laccocera lineata
Species minuta - Laccocera minuta
Species obesa - Laccocera obesa
Species oregonensis - Laccocera oregonensis
Species vanduzeei - Laccocera vanduzeei
Species vittipennis - Laccocera vittipennis
Species zonata - Laccocera zonata
Genus Liburniella
Species ornata - Liburniella ornata
Genus Macrotomella
Species carinata - Macrotomella carinata
Genus Megamelanus
Species bicolor - Megamelanus bicolor
Genus Megamelus
Species aestus - Megamelus aestus
Species bifidus - Megamelus bifidus
Species coronus - Megamelus coronus
Species davisi - Common Waterlily Planthopper
Species distinctus - Megamelus distinctus
Species falcatus - Megamelus falcatus
Species flavus - Megamelus flavus
Species gracilis - Megamelus gracilis
Species hamatus - Megamelus hamatus
Species inflatus - Megamelus inflatus
Species lobatus - Megamelus lobatus
Species longicornis - Megamelus longicornis
Species lunatus - Megamelus lunatus
Species metzaria - Megamelus metzaria
Species palaetus - Megamelus palaetus
Species recurvatus - Megamelus recurvatus
Species scutellaris - Waterhyacinth Planthopper
Species toddi - Megamelus toddi
Species trifidus - Megamelus trifidus
Species ungulatus - Megamelus ungulatus
Genus Meristopsis
Species melanosteptos - Meristopsis melanosteptos
Species rhamphis - Meristopsis rhamphis
Genus Metadelphax
Species wetmorei - Metadelphax wetmorei
Species propinqua - Metadelphax propinqua
Genus Muellerianella
Species guaduae - Muellerianella guaduae
Species laminalis - Muellerianella laminalis
Species meadi - Muellerianella meadi
Genus Muirodelphax
Species arvensis - Muirodelphax arvensis
Species atralabis - Muirodelphax atralabis
Species luteus - Muirodelphax luteus
Species parvulus - Muirodelphax parvulus
Species peneluteus - Muirodelphax peneluteus
Species unda - Muirodelphax unda
Genus Neomegamelanus
Species elongatus - Neomegamelanus elongatus
Species lautus - Neomegamelanus lautus
Species penilautus - Neomegamelanus penilautus
Species spartini - Neomegamelanus spartini
Genus Nilaparvata
Species wolcotti - Nilaparvata wolcotti
Species serrata - Nilaparvata serrata
Species gerhardi - Nilaparvata gerhardi
Species caldwelli - Nilaparvata caldwelli
Genus Nothodelphax
Species consimilis - Nothodelphax consimilis
Species lineatipes - Nothodelphax lineatipes
Species venusta - Nothodelphax venusta
Species tshaunica - Nothodelphax tshaunica
Species eburneocarinatus - Nothodelphax eburneocarinatus
Species foveata - Nothodelphax foveata
Species gillettei - Nothodelphax gillettei
Species glacia - Nothodelphax glacia
Species guentheri - Nothodelphax guentheri
Species neocclusa - Nothodelphax neocclusa
Species occlusa - Nothodelphax occlusa
Species umbrata - Nothodelphax umbrata
Species albocarinata - Nothodelphax albocarinata
Species slossonae - Nothodelphax slossonae
Genus Opiconsiva
Species anacharsis - Opiconsiva anacharsis
Genus Paradelphacodes
Species litoralis - Paradelphacodes litoralis
Species paludosus - Paradelphacodes paludosus
Genus Paraliburnia
Species furcata - Paraliburnia furcata
Species kilmani - Paraliburnia kilmani
Species lecartus - Paraliburnia lecartus
Genus Pareuidella
Species avicephaliforma - Pareuidella avicephaliforma
Species weedi - Pareuidella weedi
Species magnistyla - Pareuidella magnistyla
Species spatulata - Pareuidella spatulata
Species triloba - Pareuidella triloba
Genus Parkana
Species alata - Parkana alata
Genus Penepissonotus
Species bicolor - Penepissonotus bicolor
Genus Peregrinus
Species maidis - Corn Delphacid
Genus Perkinsiella
Species saccharicida - Sugarcane Planthopper
Genus Phrictopyga
Species occidentalis - Phrictopyga occidentalis
Genus Phyllodinus
Species nervatus - Phyllodinus nervatus
Genus Pissonotus
Species agrestis - Pissonotus agrestis
Species albivultus - Pissonotus albivultus
Species albovenosus - Pissonotus albovenosus
Species aphidioides - Pissonotus aphidioides
Species aquilonius - Pissonotus aquilonius
Species basalis - Pissonotus basalis
Species binotatus - Pissonotus binotatus
Species brunneus - Pissonotus brunneus
Species canadensis - Pissonotus canadensis
Species concolor - Pissonotus concolor
Species delicatus - Pissonotus delicatus
Species dentatus - Pissonotus dentatus
Species divergens - Pissonotus divergens
Species dorsalis - Pissonotus dorsalis
Species festucae - Pissonotus festucae
Species flabellatus - Pissonotus flabellatus
Species frontalis - Pissonotus frontalis
Species guttatus - Pissonotus guttatus
Species lactofascius - Pissonotus lactofascius
Species marginatus - Pissonotus marginatus
Species melanurus - Pissonotus melanurus
Species merides - Pissonotus merides
Species minutus - Pissonotus minutus
Species muiri - Pissonotus muiri
Species niger - Pissonotus niger
Species nigriculus - Pissonotus nigriculus
Species nitens - Pissonotus nitens
Species paludosus - Pissonotus paludosus
Species piceus - Pissonotus piceus
Species quadripustulatus - Pissonotus quadripustulatus
Species radiolus - Pissonotus radiolus
Species rubrilatus - Pissonotus rubrilatus
Species spatulatus - Pissonotus spatulatus
Species spooneri - Pissonotus spooneri
Species tessellatus - Pissonotus tessellatus
Species tumidus - Pissonotus tumidus
No Taxon binotatus or delicatus
Genus Prokelisia
Species carolae - Prokelisia carolae
Species crocea - Prokelisia crocea
Species dolus - Prokelisia dolus
Species marginata - Prokelisia marginata
Species salina - Prokelisia salina
Genus Pygospina
Species reducta - Pygospina reducta
Species spinata - Pygospina spinata
Genus Ribautodelphax
Species albostriata - Ribautodelphax albostriata
Species pusilla - Ribautodelphax pusilla
Species magna - Ribautodelphax magna
Genus Rotundifronta
Species lutea - Rotundifronta lutea
Genus Scolopygos
Species pallida - Scolopygos pallida
Genus Sogatella
Species molina - Sogatella molina
Species kolophon - Sogatella kolophon
Genus Spartidelphax
Species detectus - Spartidelphax detectus
Species penedetectus - Spartidelphax penedetectus
No Taxon detectus or penedetectus
Genus Stobaera
Species affinis - Stobaera affinis
Species bilobata - Stobaera bilobata
Species caldwelli - Stobaera caldwelli
Species concinna - Stobaera concinna
Species giffardi - Stobaera giffardi
Species muiri - Stobaera muiri
Species pallida - Stobaera pallida
Species tricarinata - Stobaera tricarinata
Genus Syndelphax
Species alexanderi - Syndelphax alexanderi
Species fallax - Syndelphax fallax
Species floridae - Syndelphax floridae
Species fulvidorsum - Syndelphax fulvidorsum
Species humilis - Syndelphax humilis
Species nigripennis - Syndelphax nigripennis
Species pseudoseminigra - St. Augustine Grass Planthopper
Genus Tagosodes
Species albolineosus - Tagosodes albolineosus
Species cubanus - Tagosodes cubanus
Species orizicolus - Rice Delphacid
Species approximatus - Tagosodes approximatus
Species wallacei - Tagosodes wallacei
Species dorsolineatus - Tagosodes dorsolineatus
Genus Tarophagus
Species colocasiae - Taro Planthopper
Genus Toya
Species idonea - Toya idonea
Species nigra - Toya nigra
Species boxi - Toya boxi
Species goliai - Toya goliai
Genus Tumidagena
Species minuta - Tumidagena minuta
Species propinqua - Tumidagena propinqua
Species terminalis - Tumidagena terminalis
Genus Yukonodelphax
Species bifurca - Yukonodelphax bifurca
Species stramineosa - Yukonodelphax stramineosa
Species kendallae - Yukonodelphax kendallae
Subfamily Kelisiinae
Genus Kelisia
Species axialis - Kelisia axialis
Species bimaculata - Kelisia bimaculata
Species curvata - Kelisia curvata
Species flagellata - Kelisia flagellata
Species flava - Kelisia flava
Species hyalina - Kelisia hyalina
Species parvicurvata - Kelisia parvicurvata
Species pectinata - Kelisia pectinata
Species retrorsa - Kelisia retrorsa
Species spinosa - Kelisia spinosa
Species torquata - Kelisia torquata
Species vesiculata - Kelisia vesiculata
Subfamily Stenocraninae
Genus Kelisicranus
Species arundiniphagus - Kelisicranus arundiniphagus
Genus Obtusicranus
Species bicarinus - Obtusicranus bicarinus
Genus Stenocranus
Species acutus - Stenocranus acutus
Species angustus - Stenocranus angustus
Species arundineus - Stenocranus arundineus
Species brunneus - Stenocranus brunneus
Species delicatus - Stenocranus delicatus
Species dorsalis - Stenocranus dorsalis
Species felti - Stenocranus felti
Species lautus - Stenocranus lautus
Species ramosus - Stenocranus ramosus
Species sandersoni - Stenocranus sandersoni
Species similis - Stenocranus similis
Species unipunctatus - Stenocranus unipunctatus
Species vittatus - Stenocranus vittatus
No Taxon nymphs