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Green Stink Bug - Chlorochroa granulosa

Green Stink Bug - Chlorochroa granulosa
Thompson Falls, Sanders County, Montana, USA
May 16, 2007
Size: 14 mm
This stink bug flew up and landed on me. I put it in my hand and it immediately sprayed me with its sour apple smelling stink spray. I still have a mustard colored stain on my hand today, May 20, where the spray landed. The stink bugs in NC never sprayed me, but these in MT seem quick to do so.

Green stink bug
Hi Lynette, I was cleaning up my wood pile and came across several of these guys. I've seen them before around the night light. I think the wood pile remains will yield a lot of habitats for some good shots.

Yes wood piles
are great habitats for many 'bugs'. I may get one just for the bugs. :)

Chlorochroa prob. granulosa Uhler
Donald Thomas det.

Moved from Chlorochroa.

First of all this is a beautiful specimen. Second all the stink bugs that I've ever held never sprayed me so I'll keep my eye out for these and I'll make sure I don't pick them up.

I love the colors on them though. Hope you find out what species of Chlorochroa this is ASAP.


Apparently not Say's
See Eric's comment here:

Thanks Ron,
I'll change it to Green Stink Bug and leave it at genus level.

That's what happened to mine

Tough genus.
I have my specimens with Dr. David Ryder. It is a tough genus, even when the insect is in hand. Fabulous image of this one!