Identification, Images, & Information
For Insects, Spiders & Their Kin
For the United States & Canada

Species Calligrapha serpentina - Globemallow Leaf Beetle

By Brusca, Richard C. and Gary J. Brusca
Sinauer Associates, 1990

New Synonymies and Combinations for New World Pselaphinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)
By Chandler, Donald S.
Transactions of the American Entomological Society 125(1+2): 163-183, 1999

A revision of the genus Oropus Casey (Coleoptera: Pselaphidae)
By Schuster, Robert O. and Grigarick, Albert A
Pacific Insects 2(3): 269-299, 1960

Handbook of urban insects and arachnids: A handbook of urban entomology
By Robinson W.H.
Cambridge University Press, 2005

Guinness World Records 2010: The Book of the Decade
By Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records Ltd, 2009
There are some very neat arthropod records and facts on pages 48-49. I am submitting this book so that I can cite it as a reference for a record I would like to add to the Bothriocyrtum californicum info page. There are other records included as well, which I may add to their subsequent info pages (maybe).

Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates
By Charley Eiseman & Noah Charney
Stackpole Books, 2010
A guide to the things bugs leave behind, rather than to the bugs themselves. 900+ photos and 18 chapters:

- 1 - Eggs and Egg Cases - 2 - Pupae and Exuviae - 3 - Parasitism, Predation, and Other Causes of Death
- 4 - Sign on Vertebrates [Includes a section on bites, stings, etc. on humans, mostly written by John Carlson]
- 5 - Droppings, Secretions, and Protective Coverings without Foreign Materials
- 6 - Webs and Other Silken Constructions - 7 - Cocoons - 8 - Coverings, Cases, Retreats, and Nests Made from Foreign Materials

Rare and Endangered Biota of Florida, Volume IV. Invertebrates.
By Mark Deyrup and Richard Franz (Eds.).
University Press of Florida, Gainesville. xxx + 798 pp., 1994
Deyrup, M. & R. Franz. (editors). 1994. Rare and endangered biota of Florida. Volume IV. Invertebrates. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. xxx + 798 pp.

Book Review by Ross H. Arnett Jr.

was preceeded by:

Franz, R. (ed.). 1982. Rare and endangered biota of Florida. University Presses of Florida, Gainesville. xx + 121 pp.

A Field Guide to the Animals of Vernal Pools
By Leo P. Kenney and Matthew R. Burne
Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program and Vernal Pool Association, 2000