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Petrophila II - Eoparargyractis

Petrophila II - Eoparargyractis
West Farm, Turtle Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin, USA
July 10, 2015

Moved from Petrophila. The disparity in the widths of the two pre-apical white wedges and the sharply arched dark brown basal mark on the FWs point to this genus. It's still unclear which species (irroratalis or [/i]plevie[/i] or both) might be expected in Wisconsin.

John, I have been working on this confusing group at my place and would tend to favor P. Canadensis because of the lack of the strong black upside down C on the inside margin of the black ST line of the Hind wing and the lack of the dark dot just below the PM line.

Obviously, I cannot make a species call, but that is my opinion.