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Psyllid - Aphalaroida inermis

Psyllid - Aphalaroida inermis
Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
June 3, 2015

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Psyllid - Aphalaroida inermis Psyllid - Aphalaroida inermis

Moved from Nyctiphalerus.

ACcording to Chris Mallory on
ACcording to Chris Mallory on iNat

Moved from Aphalaroida. In retrospect I believe this belongs here. Compare to Alice Abela's rugpennis series.

Moved tentatively
Will revisit this series since it's almost certainly new to the guide.

Moved from Psylloidea.

Please post more pics if possible

here you go!
Sorry that's the best I have. The wings are indeed an interesting texture.

My initial reaction was Aphalaroida
and the second pic strengthens that possibility, though I can't make out necessary details such as the wing venation. If Aphalaroida, it is a species different than the ones currently on bugguide, as evidenced by what appears to be hairless wings and body, which narrows it down to just a handful of possibilities. It may also be a teneral individual, due to the pale green coloration and unpatterned wings. I will look more into this as it is definitely an interesting find. Knowledge of a host plant may also be useful.

--found in a spider web!
--found in a spider web!