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Scutelleridae? - Cydnoides albipennis

Scutelleridae? - Cydnoides albipennis
El Paso, El Paso County, Texas, USA
August 16, 2015
Size: 8 mm

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Scutelleridae? - Cydnoides albipennis Scutelleridae? - Cydnoides albipennis

Cydnoides (Sayocoris) albipennis (Say) --det. J.E. Eger
Moved from Ebony Bugs.

prob. a teneral specimen, but still intriguing
Moved from ID Request.

Thank you Belov!
Interesting! I collected this specimen early morning on August 15 and put it in a container, but I took the photo a day later. How long does it take for the color to change in these bugs? Unfortunately (or fortunately from the bug's POV), I released this insect as soon as I was done with the photos.
Your kind and valuable assistance is much appreciated.

ha! it did turn out an exciting addition to the guide
you were right about its distinctive color, Salvador -- thank you so much for this nicest contribution, keep them coming!

Thanks a million!
Every time someone at BG praises one of my contributions makes me want to double my efforts. I wish I could do more, but time is very limited when job pressures accumulate. I am new at taking insect photos, but the process allows me to learn so many things about bugs and their behavior that I could not learn from books. You guys are an incredible bunch. A huge collection of insect images wouldn't make much sense without proper identification. The service you provide is outstanding. I am always impressed to find so many experts contributing their time to this great endeavor.

sweet... i would expect the colors to settle overnight
referred this item to Dr Eger, hope he educates us