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small orange beetle - Rhanidea unicolor

small orange beetle - Rhanidea unicolor
Shirley, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
May 25, 2007
Size: 2-2.5mm
Found on unknown plant leaves along a wooded trail.

Rhanidea unicolor
Thanks for all the help.

Rhanidea unicolor
Couldn't find any images googling, but there are some on bugguide that nail this one down. A very nice photo.

I've got a memory problem :-)
I know I saw the other pix come in because a left a lengthy comment !

Female Phymaphora pulchella,
atypical coloration. Till now we've only had male images. Here's a female of same genus from California. Notice it's got the same type of translucent mites crawling on it.

Have to
look at the collection, but I think Rhanidea unicolor.

please save, looks pretty interesting
???Endomychid (or Cryptophagid?)

Do you still want this one saved for you?