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Species Zanclognatha jacchusalis - Wavy-lined Zanclognatha - Hodges#8353

Yellowish Zanclognatha Moth - 8352 - Dorsal - Zanclognatha jacchusalis Wavy-lined Fan-foot - Zanclognatha jacchusalis Wavy-lined Fan-foot - Zanclognatha jacchusalis Erebidae: Zanclognatha jacchusalis? - Zanclognatha jacchusalis Erebidae: Zanclognatha jacchusalis  - Zanclognatha jacchusalis Dead leaf feeder, Quercus - Zanclognatha jacchusalis - male Yellowish Zanclognatha - Zanclognatha jacchusalis - male Wavy-lined Fan-Foot - Zanclognatha jacchusalis
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Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods)
Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths)
Superfamily Noctuoidea (Owlet Moths and kin)
Family Erebidae
Subfamily Herminiinae (Litter Moths)
Genus Zanclognatha
Species jacchusalis (Wavy-lined Zanclognatha - Hodges#8353)
Hodges Number
Synonyms and other taxonomic changes
Zanclognatha jacchusalis (Walker, 1859)
Herminia jacchusalis Walker, 1859 (1)
Herminia ochreipennis Grote, 1872 (2)
Zanclognatha jacchusalis bryanti (Barnes, 1928) (3)
Zanclognatha jacchusalis jacchusalis (Walker, 1859) (3)
Zanclognatha jacchusalis lutalba (J. B. Smith, 1906) (3)
Explanation of Names
"Reidentification of the type specimen of Zanclognatha jacchusalis results in the name Z. marcidilinea being used for the species formerly known Z. jacchusalis. Zanclognatha marcidilinea is the species with a pale gray-brown forewing with the maculation reduced except for a contrasting yellow subterminal line (Lafontaine and Honey 2009)." (2)
"The identity of the only extant type specimen of Zanclognatha jacchusalis, designated as letotype by Lafontaine and Honey (2009), results in the name Z. ochreipennis being relegated to the synonymy of Z. jacchusalis. Zanclognatha jacchusalis has an orange-brown forewing heavily speckled with black and prominent maculation." (2)
3 subspecies (3)
wingspan 28-31 mm
Adult: forewing grayish-brown to yellowish-brown; antemedial (AM) and postmedial (PM) lines wavy or jagged, usually noticeable; subterminal (ST) line thin and pale, bordered proximally by darker shading along its length; hindwing a mix of light brown and whitish shading, with pale yellow ST line and dark median line; fringe checkered on all wings
All of southern Canada. In western North America, range includes Washington and Oregon (ssp. bryanti). In eastern North America, range extends to Gulf Coast States including eastern Texas.
larvae probably feed on dead leaves
See Also
Z. marcidilinea - The am. and pm. lines are more obscure and the pale st. line contrasting with less dark edging on both wings. - Adapted from comments made by Donald J. Lafontaine in a 2011 email.
Z. protumnusalis tends to be browner with more obscure am. and pm. lines.
Z. dentata has bold am. and pm. lines expanded at the coastal margins.
Z. obscuripennis and Z. cruralis has am. lines straight, not scalloped, across most of the wings.
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Description of Herminia ochreipennis: Grote, A.R., 1872. Descriptions of North American Noctuidae, No. 2. Transactions of the American Entomological Society, 4: 98.
Walker, 1858: 104 (1)
Internet References
Images and Info (Moth Photographers Group)
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Distribution in Canada list of provinces (U. of Alberta, using CBIF data) - Note: As of Jan., 2015, this source has yet to be updated and species identifications are incorrect. See "Remarks" above.
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