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Flower records for anthophilous Cerambycidae in a southwestern Michigan woodland.
By Gosling, D.C.L.
Great Lakes Entomologist 17(2): 79–82., 1984
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Gosling, D.C.L. 1984. Flower records for anthophilous Cerambycidae in a southwestern Michigan woodland. Great Lakes Entomologist 17(2): 79–82.

Flower records are listed for 33 species of anthophilous Cerambycidae based on a six-year study in an 80-ha woodland in southwestern Michigan.

The cerambycids in this list are from the Lepturinae and a few tribes of Cerambycinae; no other subfamilies are represented. The three species of Tetraopes found in the study area do occasionally appear on the flowers of their host plants, Asclepias syriaca L.

Cerambycidae of North America. Part VI, No. 1. Taxonomy and classification of the subfamily Lepturinae
By Linsley E.G., Chemsak J. A.
University of California Publications in Entomology 69: 1-138, 1972

Cerambycidae of North America. Part VI, No. 2. Taxonomy and classification of the subfamily Lepturinae.
By E. Gorton Linsley and John A. Chemsak. 1976.
University of California Press, Berkeley, 1976
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Linsley, E.G. & J.A. Chemsak. 1976. Cerambycidae of North America. Part VI, No. 2. Taxonomy and classification of the subfamily Lepturinae. Univ. Calif. Publs Ent., Berkeley, 80: ix + 186 pp., 50 figs.

Larval host plant records, distributional records, and biological information on North American Cerambycidae (Coleoptera).
By Heffern, D.J., J. Vlasak, and R.L. Alten.
The Coleopterists Bulletin, 72(4): 739-751., 2018

Daniel J. Heffern, Josef Vlasak, Ronald L. Alten. 2018. Larval Host Plant Records, Distributional Records, and Biological Information on North American Cerambycidae (Coleoptera). The Coleopterists Bulletin, 72(4): 739-751.

Larval records, distributional records, biological information, and comments on probable erroneous literature records are presented for 55 species and subspecies of North American Cerambycidae in the genera Mallodon Lacordaire, Orthosoma Audinet-Serville, Aethecerinus Fall and Cockerell, Aneflomorpha Casey, Anelaphus Linsley, Calloides LeConte, Cyrtophorus LeConte, Eburia Lacordaire, Elaphidionopsis Linsley, Elytroleptus Dugés, Enaphalodes Haldeman, Euderces LeConte, Heterachthes Newman, Lissonotus Dalman, Megacyllene Casey, Microclytus LeConte, Neaneflus Linsley, Neoclytus Thomson, Obrium Dejean, Pentanodes Schaeffer, Phymatodes Mulsant, Piezocera Audinet-Serville, Pilostenaspis Eya, Psyrassa Pascoe, Purpuricenus Dejean, Rosalia Audinet-Serville, Semanotus Mulsant, Stenaspis Audinet-Serville, Tessaropa Haldeman, Tilloclytus Bates, Tragidion Audinet-Serville, Xylotrechus Chevrolat, Necydalis Linnaeus, Neobellamira Swaine and Hopping, Strangalia Audinet-Serville, Typocerus LeConte, Ataxia Haldeman, Cacostola Fairmaire and Germain, Goes LeConte, Oberea Mulsant, Oncideres Lacordaire, Phaea Newman, and Saperda Fabricius.

Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) of Canada and Alaska
By Bousquet Y., Laplante S., Hammond H.E.J., Langor D.W.
TBA. 300 pp., 2017

The Longhorned Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) of Idaho.
By Rice, M.E., F. Merickel and T.C. MacRae.
The Coleopterists Bulletin 71(4): 667-678., 2017

Marlin E. Rice, Frank Merickel and Ted C. MacRae. 2017. The Longhorned Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) of Idaho. The Coleopterists Bulletin 71(4): 667-678.


Ecological and distributional data are presented for the 134 species, plus six subspecies, of longhorned beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) known to occur in Idaho. Species recorded or confirmed for the first time in Idaho are Batyle ignicollis (Say), Brachysomida atra (LeConte), Brachysomida californica (LeConte), Callidium antennatum Casey, Callidium cicatricosum Mannerheim, Callidium hoppingi Linsley, Callimus cyanipennis (LeConte), Clytus canadensis Hopping, Haplidus testaceus LeConte, Hyperplatys aspersa (Say), Judolia gaurotoides (Casey), Leptalia macilenta (Mannerheim), Leptura plagifera LeConte, Megacyllene robiniae (Forster), Meriellum proteus (Kirby), Molorchus longicollis LeConte, Necydalis diversicollis diversicollis Schaeffer, Phymatodes dimidiatus (Kirby), Phymatodes hirtellus (LeConte), Phymatodes nigerrimus Van Dyke, Phymatodes nitidus LeConte, Phymatodes vilitatis Linsley, Poecilobrium chalybeum (LeConte), Saperda horni Joutel, Saperda tridentata (Olivier), Stenocorus nubifer (LeConte), Stenocorus vestitus (Haldeman), and Xylocrius agassizi (LeConte).

Records and descriptions of some southwestern Cerambycidae (Coleoptera).
By Giesbert, E.F. & F.T. Hovore
Coleopterists Bulletin, 30(1): 95-99., 1976

Giesbert, E.F. & F.T. Hovore (1976) Records and descriptions of some southwestern Cerambycidae (Coleoptera). Coleopterists Bulletin, 30(1): 95-99.


Elaphidionoides occidentalis and Aneflomorpha rectilinea yumae are described as new. The Neotropical Mannophorus forreri Bates and Sphaerion exutum (Newman) are recorded from the southwestern United States for the first time.

Cerambycidae of the World: biology and pest management
By Wang Q., ed.
CRC Press. 628 pp., 2017