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Beetle - Contacyphon

Beetle - Contacyphon
Block Island, Washington County, Rhode Island, USA
September 1, 2015
At lights

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Beetle - Contacyphon Beetle - Contacyphon

Contacyphon "sp. 2"
Moved from Contacyphon. ID'd from specimen, now a photo-voucher. Thanks Aaron.

Moved from Beetles.

suggest frassing
unless better images can be made. This is a complex group and BG is loaded with good, sharp genus-level pics.

I can't get better
But I'll send this one to you.

dont send it to me
Im only interested in Elateridae and Throscidae

Oh sorry
I wasn't really paying attention. I'm sending this one to Brad Barnd, not you. I'm only sending you Elaterids (sadly no more Throscids since that first one I didn't keep.)

Contacyphon sp.