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fuzzy fly - Aldrichia ehrmanii

fuzzy fly - Aldrichia ehrmanii
Cross Plains, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
May 27, 2007

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fuzzy fly - Aldrichia ehrmanii fuzzy fly - Aldrichia ehrmanii

Moved from Aldrichia.

Moved from Flies.

I believe this fly is in Rhagionidae.

I don't know
I think this is a Bombylid. And the genus escapes me for the moment.

Something close to Conophorus or Aldrichia.

yes, Aldrichia
either auripuncta or ehrmanii; this one is a much better photo than my shots - see genus page

Beefly, seconded
Beyond that, I have no comment, but a question.

Do you know the size? (I'm betting small.)

Actually this was a nice-sized fly. I really should take some kind of ruler with me but I get so involved in taking the photos that by the time I'm done the insect is long gone so I can only guess at the size. This fly was ~8-10mm in length. I know it was large enough that I didn't have too much of a problem to focus on it for taking the photos.

I shot a tiny, fuzzy one recently and was curious, tho the info may help get you an ID from someone else. I am awful about reporting size!