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Not sure - Psyllipsocus ramburii

Not sure - Psyllipsocus ramburii
Block Island, Washington County, Rhode Island, USA
August 27, 2015

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Not sure - Psyllipsocus ramburii Not sure - Psyllipsocus ramburii Not sure - Psyllipsocus ramburii Not sure - Psyllipsocus ramburii


Must be...
Psyllipsocus ramburii. Where did you find it?

In an unfinished basement...
That doesn't connect to the inside of the rest of the house (via stairs, chutes, doors, etc.) but can be entered from outdoors through large double doors (the basement is level with the ground on one side) with a gap between them and the floor big enough to let in moths and crickets on a regular basis. It stays closed throughout the winter but is used frequently in the summer. I found this individual on a bit of seaweed placed in the basement weeks before. When I went back to look for more some days later, I found them to be abundant in the entire basement, even well away from any food.

FYI: If I you want a specimen I can get you one (how preserved?) next year. Also, I've seen tiny whitish creatures on wooden chairs and tables outside on the deck even at the end of the summer (never put one under the microscope, but I'm pretty sure they're the same as this guy.) I wonder whether they come from the basement, where the furniture is stored in the off season, or whether they are also present under the deck, which is fairly dark and usually dry. Next year I can survey the house to see where they're found.

Another thing: the climate here is nearly oceanic. The monthly low outside last very cold February (when the Great Salt Pond in the middle of the island froze over a few hundred feet from the shore in some places) was 0. (The monthly high was amazingly just 41.) The all-time high here is just 95.