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Idaea - Idaea kendallaria - male

Idaea - Idaea kendallaria - Male
National Butterfly Center, Hidalgo County, Texas, USA
October 30, 2014
Many thanks to Kyhl Austin for recognizing this as a new species and for making such a beautiful page for it. Also thanks to Jim Vargo and Charlie Covell for confirming the ID.

Moved tenatively
Moved from Red-Bordered Wave Moth. This is a male.

I suspect this may be Idaea kendallaria (Covell, 2015)
Covell says it tends to be smaller and "browner" than demissaria.

Idaea kendallaria
Thank you for your good observation on this one. I was unable to find any photos of it so I ran it by Jim Vargo. He had a copy of Charlie Covell's abstract and he also thinks it might be kendallaria. I have another photo that I think might be the female. I will put it on BG to see what you think. Thanks again