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Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
No Taxon (Glossary)
No Taxon (S)
No Taxon spinneret
Explanation of Names
The word was coined in the 19th century as a diminutive of spinner, which originally meant spider and was later applied to "person who spins textile thread" (Online Entomological Dictionary).
spinneret noun - 1-Structure at or near the tip of a spider's abdomen which produces silk (there are normally a group of them). 2-structure on the labium of a caterpillar which produces silk.

Photos of spider spinnerets:

Photos of spinnerets in caterpillars:
Most spiders have spinnerets visible from only from the side or below. Prominent spinnerets visible from above help to identify the Family Gnaphosidae and the genus Agelenopsis in the family Agelenidae.
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