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Dicaelus furvus carinatus? - Dicaelus furvus

Dicaelus furvus carinatus? - Dicaelus furvus
Demopolis , Marengo County, Alabama, USA
September 15, 2015
Size: 17mm
This specimen is clearly of the genus Dicaelus as seen from the distinctly emarginate labrum and smooth black leather color (almost a matte finish). I believe the species to be furvus due to the humeral carina extending up to 2/3 of the length of the elytra. The distinctive tubercle on the left mandible is a difficult feature for me to distinguish.

The subspecies listed in Ciegler's guide is D. furvus furvus.... Apparently the supspecies located in my region (Alabama) is D. furvus carinatus according to Bousquet's Geadephaga catalouge. The specimen I have fun into are a bit larger than the descriptions I have read for D. furvus furvus

Image fits my ex. Dicaelus furvus carinatus Dejean
Please post measured body length to increase your chance of feedback and accurate identification. That information would have nicely added to your discussion above regarding the relative sizes.

Right, I had been meaning to measure the specimens back at the lab since I had uploaded the photos at home. I'll make it a point to edit my contributed images when I can.