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Tachinid Fly - Mochlosoma

Tachinid Fly - Mochlosoma
Miller Canyon, Huachuca Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
September 27, 2015
Oak-Juniper Woodland.
Elevation 5,400. ft.

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Tachinid Fly - Mochlosoma Tachinid Fly - Mochlosoma Tachinid Fly head - Mochlosoma - male

Moved from Tachinidae.

Tachinidae: Mochlosoma sp.
Tachinidae: Mochlosoma sp.

Possibly Mochlosoma, which is basically a Ptilodexia with a long proboscis. Do you have a closer view of the head from the side?

Head view added.

I suspect Mochlosoma. I don't have the paper where four of the five species were described and it probably isn't the fifth, so we should wait for an expert opinion.