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Eupeodes? - Eupeodes volucris

Eupeodes? - Eupeodes volucris
Crow Valley Campground near Briggsdale, Weld County, Colorado, USA
September 28, 2015
Size: 7 mm or so
drying pool with willows and russian olives in vicinity, surrounded by shortgrass prairie

Moved from ID Request.

She looks just like these red legged female Eupeodes volucris.
California: ♀ Here is one from your state: ♀ Good Luck!
FYI - The info tab says that the female's stripes are more white, but her's seem to fit with the others.
How do you rule out Lapposyrphus? I'm not sure yet, sorry. Possibly the bright line on the scutellum?:
it's missing in this image.

Yes, Eupeodes. You can tell
Yes, Eupeodes. You can tell it from Lapposyrphus by looking at the wing veination - compare this fly to

and check out this page for a detailed picture.