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A mystery caterpillar which I cant ID  - Spodoptera latifascia

A mystery caterpillar which I cant ID - Spodoptera latifascia
Circle B Bar Reserve , Polk County, Florida, USA
October 20, 2013
Size: Aprox. 2-3 inches
This is a caterpillar which I cant ID.
I was curious before about what it was and now I'm even more curious to what it is.
Here is the letter from WTB? (Which should hopefully be an aid for an ID).
"Dear Cicada Lover,
This request has been on our back burner because we did some research but we were not successful in determining an identification. This caterpillar really reminds us of a Hooded Owlet Moth Caterpillar from the genus Cucullia, but we could not find any matching images on BugGuide. We still believe it is a member of the Owlet Moth family Noctuidae. Perhaps one of our readers will have more luck with an identification."

If anyone could help, please do and comment as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and help!

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At least nine species in your area.

See reference here.

RE : Armyworm…
Possibly Spodoptera latifascia?


I found this on google and there is a pretty much perfect match if you go to the "Sightings Table" and scroll all of the way down to the second to last picture

There is a key to the Florida armyworm late stage larvae on page 4 here, but it's difficult to see the details needed to confirm the species from this image.

RE : Possibly…
Well unfortunately I don't have and other pictures of the armyworm but I did crop it more if you would like to view the other one.
Also, thank you for helping me and I hope the cropped image helps!
(the quality isn't that great though sine I cropped it)