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oviposit, oviposition, ovipositor

Megarhyssa sp. - Megarhyssa macrurus - female Ovipositing - Culex quinquefasciatus - female
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
No Taxon (Glossary)
No Taxon (O)
No Taxon oviposit, oviposition, ovipositor
Explanation of Names
From Latin ovum, egg, and ponere, to put, place.
oviposit verb, noun oviposition - the action (oviposit) or process (oviposition) of laying eggs.

Some photos of oviposition:

ovipositor noun - an appendage of the telum (last abdominal segment) whereby the female insect lays her eggs. The ovipositors of insects vary, they may be external, as in the Ichneumonoidea, or tubular retractile, as in the bot flies, or saw-like (terebella).

Some photos of ovipositors:
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