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Cerceris fumipennis? - Cerceris fumipennis - male

Cerceris fumipennis? - Cerceris fumipennis - Male
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
August 16, 2014
I'm trying to build a list of Hymenoptera that I find in my city garden. I've categorized this as Cerceris fumipennis because it seems to match the description well ("Dark smoky brown wings. One creamy yellow band on the second abdominal segment.") I only count two spots on the face but the angle for that is terrible.

Also, there are similarities between it and other images of this species that have been positively identified. It has a bit of the same whitish-yellow color on the side of the third (?) abdominal segment. Also, the light areas on the legs seem to be the same.

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Cerceris fumipennis? - Cerceris fumipennis - male Cerceris fumipennis? - Cerceris fumipennis - male Cerceris fumipennis? - Cerceris fumipennis - male

Moved from Cerceris.

Based on this image below of a mating pair, I think that your ID is correct and it's a he. 7 abdominal segments = ♂
Cerceris fumipennis: ♂♀ Good Luck!

Moved from Cerceris fumipennis.

You may very well be right, but let's leave these here pending expert review. According to the Info Page, there are 86 species in N.A.--of which only 13 are represented in the Guide.

revise the species page?
I've made the same ID mistake based on the "identification" section of the Cerceris fumipennis species page because the description makes it sound like those features are diagnostic. Maybe it would be worth removing or modifying that section

It might not be a "mistake" at all.
As I noted, the ID may be correct--and the markings may indeed be diagnostic. I just think it's safer to let the experts make the species-level determinations, especially where there are so many unrepresented species. I'm probably just being overly cautious. :)

ask Dr. Ascher to review the info?
I don't think you're being overly cautious at all but it might be worth asking Dr. Ascher to see if the language in that section should be modified.

I submitted the one below last year using the same info from the Identification section and Dr. Ascher has left it at the genus level. I assume that means there's more to making the ID than described on the species page

The more qualified expert is Dr. Buck
I would prefer him to comment on Crabonidae and Vespidae but try to muddle through when he's not available.