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Ant-mimic Plant Bug - Dacerla? - Dacerla

Ant-mimic Plant Bug - Dacerla? - Dacerla
near Yuba Pass, Sierra County, California, USA
June 22, 2015

Northern CA station here suggests species D. mediospinosa
...per the treatment in Carvalho & Usinger(1957).

In addition, presuming this is an adult, the relatively short hemelytra...and lack of sutures (i.e. "grooves" or "veins") separating clavus, corium, cuneus, and membrane...also indicates D. mediospinosa.

According to Carvalho & Usinger(1957) the other CA species, D. alata, is only known from southern California (e.g. San Gabriel, San Bernardino, and San Jacinto Mnts) and it has:

"Hind wings and hemelytra complete, reaching about to tip of abdomen. Claval, emboliar and cuneal sutures distinct."
So, again, assuming this is an adult and we are seeing true hemelytra here, this would be D. mediospinosa.

For more info and links to references see post below:


I also added links to other references to the D. mediospinosa info page.

ID confirmed by M.D. Schwartz
thanks for the great addition, Judy!

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