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Bee Fly - Bombylius varius

Bee Fly - Bombylius varius
Ozark Mountains, Searcy County, Arkansas, USA
May 31, 2007
Size: 14mm
I don't know how many hours I've spent chasing these ,and then this one shows up sitting on a box under the porch light.

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Bee Fly - Bombylius varius Bee Fly - Bombylius varius

Moved from Bombyliinae.

Thanks, Joel
Thanks for the move. As novice with no strong opinions about most IDs, I never know what I should do when things start getting moved/changed. I usually just sit back and wait for the dust to settle. Hopefully, the dust has settled on this one.


Moved from Bombylius.

I don't think this is Bombylius, but Triploechus or Heterostylum.

I'm almost certain this is a female B. varius. We have specimens here of this species, and they match all the visible characters in the photo.

I stand corrected. This is certainly a very distinctive animal. If you recognize it, there is likely no doubt. Ignore my earlier suggestion.

Nice find. This looks like B. varius, one of the more distinctive eastern Bombylius.

Thanks for the species ID.

Anthrax sp.? (Bombyliidae)

bee fly
i chased one that looked like this for 15 minutes last weekend around the low water bridge at erbie... i was thinking it was something in the genus Bombylius, but am not sure of that.

There are worse things....
There are worst things to do than chase flies, and certainly a lot worse places to be than on the Buffalo.

I think Bombylius is correct. I've added a second image that has a bit less glare on the wings. While I know absolutely nothing about interpreting wing venation, it looks the same as the one below to me. Now, I'll wait and see if anyone else agrees before moving ... Marvin.

i am pretty confident about Bombylius, however, i am more partial to wasps... and do not have a species level key for Bombyliidae.

also, it is hard to find any place nicer than the buffalo to chase insects... the problem was not getting any pictures. it was a fine hike though, even getting rained on.

Wasps I need plenty of help with too.