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 Lithophane new species near disposita - Lithophane

Lithophane new species near disposita - Lithophane
Marlton, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
November 14, 2015
Size: Maybe around 22 mm?

I'm losing out
Too bad - the reference is not available to those not subscribing to facebook. I admit, it's my problem.

Mostly just several people (Paul John, Ken Childs, Robert Lord Zimlich) agreeing that it is the moth called "near disposita", although some wonder if it is really near disposita taxonomically. Then a bit of a discussion on whether it is undescribed/introduced/both, and a bit of wondering if anyone is working on it or not.

Thank you
This is very considerate of you to provide me with the summary of the Facebook conversation. It's just disappointing that most of the ID help and conversations have now moved from BugGuide to Facebook, making BugGuide a mere depository for the moth photos.

I agree
I have become very frustrated with IDs here and on FaceBook. I have thousands of moths photos (my most common subject) with no IDs, but I don't know where to post them for IDs. I would post them here and get no response, then post them to 3 different FaceBook Moth-ID groups and get no response, then I contacted MPG and they said not to send them photos unless I get IDs first, so most of my moth photos are just cluttering up my computer. I would post tons more if I knew where to get them IDed.

...thousands of moths photos
Did you get most of your moth photos identified yet?
Sometimes I go through pages and pages of images looking for some that I can move down. However, most of what I'm seeing now does not have your name on them.
If you have a few that are still a mystery, please send me an email and I will try to help, but remember that I cannot ID them all.