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Species Monopis pavlovski - Pavlovski's Monopis Moth - Hodges#0418.1

 maybe Yellow-headed Monopis Moth  - Hodges#0418.1 (Monopis pavlovskii) - Monopis pavlovski Small moth on brick, attracted to porch light - Monopis pavlovski Monopis pavlovski  - Monopis pavlovski 04181.1 - Pavlovski's Monopis Moth - Monopis pavlovski Pavlovski's Monopis Moth - Monopis pavlovski Unknown - Monopis pavlovski Monopis pavlovski? - Monopis pavlovski Black and white m oth - Monopis pavlovski
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Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods)
Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths)
Superfamily Tineoidea (Tubeworm, Bagworm, and Clothes Moths)
Family Tineidae (Clothes Moths)
Subfamily Tineinae
Genus Monopis
Species pavlovski (Pavlovski's Monopis Moth - Hodges#0418.1)
Hodges Number
Other Common Names
Yellow-headed Monopis
Synonyms and other taxonomic changes
Monopis pavlovski Zagulajev, 1955
Also spelled as Monopis pavlovskii (ending in two "i"s). MPG uses the Monopis pavlovski which was confirmed by Landry.
7 to 10 mm long.
Head: Head white to pale yellow. Palpi long, folded, darker on underside.
Antenna: 1st half dark, rest lighter. Segment 1 yellow.
Thorax: White to pale yellow.
Wings: Dark brown with dashed intermittent white to pale yellow scales and 3 white marks along wing tip. Wings have 3 to 5 tufts along inner border. Large white to pale yellow patch with diagonal edge extends from mid wing to tip on costal edge. Patch encompasses the round semi-hyaline circle (typical of Monopis) and another larger stained patch along costa.
Legs: Dark, except hind foot white
Note: Description done by photos. No North American information on this species.

White-headed Monopis monachella large white patch does not have a stained darker patch within. Wings not tufted.
China, Russia, Japan and Korea, but now introduced into our area- according to Bob Patterson, "It ranges at least from Brooklyn, New York to central Florida and west to Michigan." Also Ontario.
Moth Photographers Group - large range map with collection dates.
Most records are April through October. July to September in north.
Unknown, but many related species are detritus feeders.
According to Bob Patterson, this species has been present for some time and is relatively common in Maryland, but only recently did he learn what it was from Jean-Francois Landry of Agriculture Canada.
Recorded from Ontario since 2011.
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