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Superfamily Vespoidea - Yellowjackets and Hornets, Paper Wasps; Potter, Mason and Pollen Wasps and allies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies
No Taxon Aculeata - Ants, Bees and Stinging Wasps
Superfamily Vespoidea - Yellowjackets and Hornets, Paper Wasps; Potter, Mason and Pollen Wasps and allies

Family Rhopalosomatidae - Rhopalosomatid Wasps
Genus Liosphex
Species varius - Liosphex varius
Genus Olixon
Species melinsula - Olixon melinsula
Species banksii - Olixon banksii
Genus Rhopalosoma
Species nearcticum - Rhopalosoma nearcticum
Family Vespidae - Yellowjackets and Hornets, Paper Wasps; Potter, Mason and Pollen Wasps
Subfamily Euparagiinae
Genus Euparagia
Species scutellaris - Euparagia scutellaris
Subfamily Masarinae - Pollen Wasps
Genus Pseudomasaris
Species basirufus - Pseudomasaris basirufus
Species coquilletti - Pseudomasaris coquilletti
Species edwardsii - Pseudomasaris edwardsii
Species maculifrons - Pseudomasaris maculifrons
Species marginalis - Pseudomasaris marginalis
Species occidentalis - Pseudomasaris occidentalis
Species phaceliae - Pseudomasaris phaceliae
Species texanus - Pseudomasaris texanus
Species vespoides - Pseudomasaris vespoides
Species wheeleri - Pseudomasaris wheeleri
Species zonalis - Pseudomasaris zonalis
Subfamily Eumeninae - Potter and Mason Wasps
Genus Ancistrocerus
Species adiabatus - Ancistrocerus adiabatus
Subspecies cytainus - Ancistrocerus adiabatus cytainus
Species albolacteus - Ancistrocerus albolacteus
Species albophaleratus - Ancistrocerus albophaleratus
Species antilope - Ancistrocerus antilope
Species bustamente - Ancistrocerus bustamente
Species campestris - Ancistrocerus campestris
Species catskill - Ancistrocerus catskill
Species gazella - Ancistrocerus gazella
Species lineativentris - Ancistrocerus lineativentris
Species lutonidus - Ancistrocerus lutonidus
Species parietum - Ancistrocerus parietum
Species spilopterus - Ancistrocerus spilopterus
Species spinolae - Ancistrocerus spinolae
Species tuberculocephalus - Ancistrocerus tuberculocephalus
Species unifasciatus - Ancistrocerus unifasciatus
Species waldenii - Ancistrocerus waldenii
Species undescribed-a - Ancistrocerus undescribed species A
Species undescribed-b - Ancistrocerus undescribed species B
No Taxon lineativentris or tuberculocephalus
Genus Cephalodynerus
Species deformiceps - Cephalodynerus deformiceps
Species russipes - Cephalodynerus russipes
Genus Delta
Species rendalli - Delta rendalli
Genus Dolichodynerus
Species tanynotus - Dolichodynerus tanynotus
Species vandykei - Dolichodynerus vandykei
Species turgiceps - Dolichodynerus turgiceps
Genus Eumenes
Species aureus - Eumenes aureus
Species bollii - Eumenes bollii
Species consobrinus - Eumenes consobrinus
Species crucifera - Eumenes crucifera
Species fraternus - Eumenes fraternus
Species smithii - Eumenes smithii
Species verticalis - Eumenes verticalis
No Taxon nests
Genus Euodynerus
Species alvarado - Euodynerus alvarado
Species annectens - Euodynerus annectens
Species annulatus - Euodynerus annulatus
Subspecies arvensis - Euodynerus annulatus arvensis
Subspecies imperialis - Euodynerus annulatus imperialis
Species apopkensis - Euodynerus apopkensis
Species auranus - Euodynerus auranus
Subspecies azotopus - Euodynerus auranus azotopus
Species barberi - Euodynerus barberi
Species bidens - Euodynerus bidens
Species blakeanus - Euodynerus blakeanus
Species boscii - Euodynerus boscii
Subspecies boharti - Euodynerus boscii boharti
Species castigatus - Euodynerus castigatus
Subspecies castigatus - Euodynerus castigatus castigatus
Subspecies rubrivestis - Euodynerus castigatus rubrivestis
Species crypticus - Euodynerus crypticus
Species exoglyphus - Euodynerus exoglyphus
Species fedoris - Euodynerus fedoris
Species foraminatus - Euodynerus foraminatus
No Taxon foraminatus-group
Species guerrero - Euodynerus guerrero
Species hidalgo - Euodynerus hidalgo
Subspecies boreoorientalis - Euodynerus hidalgo boreoorientalis
Subspecies hidalgo - Euodynerus hidalgo hidalgo
Subspecies viereckii - Euodynerus hidalgo viereckii
Species leucomelas - Euodynerus leucomelas
Species megaera - Euodynerus megaera
Species planitarsis - Euodynerus planitarsis
Species pratensis - Euodynerus pratensis
Species schwarzi - Euodynerus schwarzi
Species undescribed-f - Euodynerus undescribed species F
Species undescribed-g - Euodynerus undescribed species G
No Taxon aequalis or scutellaris
No Taxon leucomelas or planitarsis
Genus Gastrodynerus
Species vanduzeei - Gastrodynerus vanduzeei
Genus Leptochiloides
Genus Leptochilus
Species acolhuus - Leptochilus acolhuus
Species bellulus - Leptochilus bellulus
Species republicanus - Leptochilus republicanus
Species rufinodus - Leptochilus rufinodus
Genus Leucodynerus
Genus Maricopodynerus
Species rudiceps - Maricopodynerus rudiceps
Species maricoporum - Maricopodynerus maricoporum
Genus Microdynerus
Genus Minixi
Species mexicanum - Minixi mexicanum
Genus Monobia
Species quadridens - Four-toothed Mason Wasp
Species texana - Monobia texana
Genus Montezumia
Species arizonensis - Montezumia arizonensis
Genus Odynerus
Species cinnabarinus - Odynerus cinnabarinus
Species dilectus - Odynerus dilectus
Species erythrogaster - Odynerus erythrogaster
Genus Pachodynerus
Species californicus - Pachodynerus californicus
Species erynnis - Red-marked Pachodynerus
Species guadulpensis - Pachodynerus guadulpensis
Species nasidens - Keyhole Wasp
Species pulverulentus - Pachodynerus pulverulentus
No Taxon nasidens or pulverulentus
Genus Parancistrocerus
Species bicornis - Parancistrocerus bicornis
Subspecies ceanothi - Parancistrocerus bicornis ceanothi
Subspecies cushmani - Parancistrocerus bicornis cushmani
Species declivatus - Parancistrocerus declivatus
Species fulvipes - Parancistrocerus fulvipes
Subspecies rufovestis - Parancistrocerus fulvipes rufovestis
Species histrio - Parancistrocerus histrio
Species leionotus - Parancistrocerus leionotus
Species minimoferus - Parancistrocerus minimoferus
Species pedestris - Parancistrocerus pedestris
Species pensylvanicus - Parancistrocerus pensylvanicus
Species perennis - Parancistrocerus perennis
Species salcularis - Parancistrocerus salcularis
Species texensis - Parancistrocerus texensis
Species toltecus - Parancistrocerus toltecus
Species vagus - Parancistrocerus vagus
Genus Parazumia
Species symmorpha - Parazumia symmorpha
Species tolteca - Parazumia tolteca
Genus Pseudepipona
Species herrichii - Pseudepipona herrichii
Subspecies aldrichi - Pseudepipona herrichii aldrichi
Genus Pseudodynerus
Species quadrisectus - Pseudodynerus quadrisectus
Genus Pterocheilus
Species denticulatus - Pterocheilus denticulatus
Species diversicolor - Pterocheilus diversicolor
Species hirsutipennis - Pterocheilus hirsutipennis
Species quinquefasciatus - Pterocheilus quinquefasciatus
Genus Stenodynerus
Species ammonia - Stenodynerus ammonia
Species anormis - Stenodynerus anormis
No Taxon anormis-group
Species blandus - Stenodynerus blandus
Species blandoides - Stenodynerus blandoides
Species blepharus - Stenodynerus blepharus
Species fundatiformis - Stenodynerus fundatiformis
Subspecies fundatiformis - Stenodynerus fundatiformis fundatiformis
Subspecies gonosceles - Stenodynerus fundatiformis gonosceles
Species histrionalis - Stenodynerus histrionalis
Subspecies paenevagus - Stenodynerus histrionalis paenevagus
Subspecies rufustus - Stenodynerus histrionalis rufustus
Species kennicottianus - Stenodynerus kennicottianus
Species krombeini - Stenodynerus krombeini
Species lineatifrons - Stenodynerus lineatifrons
Species lucidus - Stenodynerus lucidus
Species microstictus - Stenodynerus microstictus
Species ochrogonius - Stenodynerus ochrogonius
Species oculeus - Stenodynerus oculeus
Species percampanulatus - Stenodynerus percampanulatus
Species propinquus - Stenodynerus propinquus
Species pulvinatus - Stenodynerus pulvinatus
No Taxon propinquus-group
Species toas - Stenodynerus toas
Genus Symmorphus
Species canadensis - Symmorphus canadensis
Species cristatus - Symmorphus cristatus
Species albomarginatus - Symmorphus albomarginatus
Species projectus - Symmorphus projectus
Genus Zeta
Species argillaceum - Zeta argillaceum
Genus Zethus
Species miscogaster - Zethus miscogaster
Species slossonae - Zethus slossonae
Species spinipes - Zethus spinipes
Subspecies spinipes - Zethus spinipes spinipes
Subspecies variegatus - Zethus spinipes variegatus
No Taxon Parancistrocerus or Stenodynerus
No Taxon unidentified nests
Subfamily Polistinae - Paper Wasps
Genus Brachygastra
Species mellifica - Mexican Honey Wasp
Genus Mischocyttarus
Species flavitarsis - Western Paper Wasp
Species mexicanus - Mischocyttarus mexicanus
Subspecies mexicanus - Mischocyttarus mexicanus mexicanus
Subspecies cubicola - Mischocyttarus mexicanus cubicola
Species navajo - Mischocyttarus navajo
Genus Polistes - Paper Wasps
Species annularis - Polistes annularis
Species apachus - Texas Paper Wasp
Species arizonensis - Polistes arizonensis
Species aurifer - Polistes aurifer
Species bahamensis - Polistes bahamensis
Species bellicosus - Polistes bellicosus
Species canadensis - Polistes canadensis
Species carnifex - Polistes carnifex
Species carolina - Red Wasp
Species comanchus - Polistes comanchus
Subspecies comanchus - Polistes comanchus comanchus
Subspecies navajoe - Polistes comanchus navajoe
Species dominula - European Paper Wasp
Species dorsalis - Polistes dorsalis
Subspecies dorsalis - Polistes dorsalis dorsalis
Subspecies californicus - Polistes dorsalis californicus
Species exclamans - Polistes exclamans
Species flavus - Polistes flavus
Species fuscatus - Northern Paper Wasp
Species hirsuticornis - Polistes hirsuticornis
Species instabilis - Polistes instabilis
Species kaibabensis - Polistes kaibabensis
Species major - Polistes major
No Taxon major-castaneicolor intermediates
Subspecies castaneicolor - Polistes major castaneicolor
Species metricus - Polistes metricus
Species palmarum - Polistes palmarum
Species parametricus - Polistes parametricus
Species rubiginosus - Polistes rubiginosus
No Taxon "texanus"
No Taxon bahamensis or exclamans
No Taxon carolina or rubiginosus
No Taxon major or carnifex
No Taxon major castaneicolor or canadensis
No Taxon parametricus or hirsuticornis
No Taxon red-yellow problem spms, TX
No Taxon nests and larvae
Subfamily Vespinae - Hornets and Yellowjackets
Genus Dolichovespula
Species albida - Arctic Yellowjacket
Species alpicola - Rocky Mountain Aerial Yellowjacket
Species arctica - Parasitic Yellowjacket
Species arenaria - Common Aerial Yellowjacket
Species maculata - Bald-faced Hornet
Species norvegicoides - Northern Aerial Yellowjacket
No Taxon unidentified nests
Genus Vespa
Species crabro - European Hornet
Genus Vespula
Species acadica - Forest Yellowjacket
Species alascensis - Vespula alascensis
Species atropilosa - Prairie Yellowjacket
Species consobrina - Blackjacket
Species flavopilosa - Downy Yellowjacket
Species germanica - German Yellowjacket
Species infernalis - Cuckoo Yellowjacket
Species intermedia - Northern Red-banded Yellowjacket
Species maculifrons - Eastern Yellowjacket
Species pensylvanica - Western Yellowjacket
Species squamosa - Southern Yellowjacket
Species sulphurea - California Yellowjacket
Species vidua - Vespula vidua
No Taxon unidentified nests
No Taxon Vespinae nests