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Adela eldorada - Adela trigrapha

Adela eldorada - Adela trigrapha
Dog Mt Trail, 2700 ft, Skamania County, Washington, USA
June 1, 2007
Day-flying moth. Adela trigrapha tentative ID. Another possible species is Adela eldorada.

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Adela eldorada - Adela trigrapha Adela eldorada - Adela trigrapha - female

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Is this another that should
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This looks like a species likely A. trigrapha here
Couplet 7 of the key in Powell(1) indicates that in both the closely related species A. eldorada and A. trigrapha, males have eye diameter more than 3 times the distance between the eyes, as measured at the their closest points on top of the head.

The diameter of the eye here appears to be less than twice the distance between the eyes, so this is presumably a female (albeit, one with eyes larger than is "typical" for females of eldorada... described in Powell(1) as having diameter 0.66-0.70 times the distance between the eyes).

Females of both species also have bright orange scales on the head...on both the crown and further forward on the frons...and antennae about 1.5 times the forewing length. (Males of eldorada have a duller orange on the crown and mostly black on the frons...with antennae about 3 times the forewing length). All the preceding appears consistent with this being a female...though it's hard to tell whether the antennae here continue beyond where they seem to fade into the background of the photo.

For further support of A. trigrapha ID here, see my comment under post below:


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A. eldorada
I would diagnose this as A. eldorada. See comment here ("Adela ID").