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Nymph? - Orientus ishidae

Nymph? - Orientus ishidae
Henrico County, Virginia, USA
June 11, 2007
My only guess is a nymph, maybe a planthopper nymph with a red parasite on its head? The abdomen appeared tipped forward at the end. It was on a forsythia leaf. It was incredibly tiny, thus the poor quality of the graphic. Would love an I.D.!

Orientus ishidae
There are only two leafhopper nymphs that curl the abdomen over the back like this, and the other one (Coelidia olitoria) has a very narrow head between the eyes.

The red spot on the back is probably a phoretic mite - a hitchhiker, one might say.

Thank you
Andy, thank you very much for the I.D. and info!