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Family Cantharidae - Soldier Beetles

Beetle - Rhagonycha mollis Firefly - Rhaxonycha carolina R. carolina vs A. neglecta Soldier Beetle - Cantharis tuberculata Soldier Beetle - Podabrus rugosulus Cantharid - Cantharis livida Beetle - Rhagonycha Atalantycha dentigera? - Atalantycha dentigera

Goldenrod Soldier Beetle - Chauliognathus pensylvanicus Chauliognathus scutellaris LeConte - Chauliognathus scutellaris Cantharid 1 - Chauliognathus limbicollis 2nd Species of Chauliognathus from New York Mnts - Chauliognathus fasciatus Chauliognathus scutellaris LeConte - Chauliognathus scutellaris Chauliognathus misellus? - Chauliognathus misellus Chauliognathus discus? - Chauliognathus discus - male - female Soldier Beetle - Chauliognathus obscurus

Soldier Beetle - Malthinus occipitalis Malthodes oregonus (Fender) - Malthodes oregonus - male Malthinus occipitalis atripennis LeConte - Malthinus occipitalis Cantharid - Malthodes - female Cantharid - Malthodes Cantharid - Malthodes Malthodes again? - Malthodes Malthodes perhaps? - Malthodes

Cantharid - Discodon abdominale Ditemnus freemani (Brown) - Ditemnus freemani - male Beetle - Polemius laticornis Ditemnus perforatus (LeConte) - Ditemnus perforatus Soldier Beetle - Silis Soldier Beetle Genus Polemius - Polemius Polemius repandus?  - Polemius repandus Cantharidae - Silis

beetle larva Beetle Larva? Beetle Larvae ID Request Solidago caterpillar Sawfly larvae sp? Mystery Larva at Moth Light Soldier Beetle larva