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Acmaeodera tubulus (Fabricius) - Acmaeodera tubulus

Acmaeodera tubulus (Fabricius) - Acmaeodera tubulus
Cowley County, Kansas, USA
April 29, 1986
Det. Norm Woodley, 2018

coll'ed by G.A. Salsbury, on prairie pleatleaf (Nemastylis geminiflora, Iridaceae)

spmn in the DJHC


This specimen is misidentified
This specimen is misidentified. Acmaeodera pinalorum does not occur in Kansas. Acmaeodera pinalorum has somewhat appressed dorsal setae, not erect as in most Acmaeodera (and as seen in the specimen in this image). I suspect that this specimen is Acmaeodera tubulus.

Your suspicion is right on the money! Someone indicated that I determined it to be A. pinalorum, which I certainly did not.