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Mating Xystodesmids - male - female

Mating Xystodesmids - Male Female
Damascus, Clackamas County, Oregon, USA
May 6, 2015
Size: About 3 cm
Hi, Bugguide

This is a kind of millipede that I often see during the summer at this site. I was thinking that they were the species Harpaphe haydeniana, but then I learned that there were other similar xystodesmids to contend with in Oregon. Does anyone know if these are H. haydeniana or if they are something else?


Probably Harpaphe but can't t
Probably Harpaphe but can't tell from the photo

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Probably Harpaphe, but could
Probably Harpaphe, but could also be Chonaphe armata (Harger, 1872).

Thanks Dr. Shelley; I'll move
Thanks Dr. Shelley; I'll move it to family instead.

Thanks for your help, Derek and Rowland!

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