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Walkingstick, dorsal - Parabacillus hesperus - female

Walkingstick, dorsal - Parabacillus hesperus - Female
Pena Blanca Canyon, Santa Cruz County, Arizona, USA
July 27, 2013
Size: 42 mm sans antennae
Download high resolution image here.

I collected this insect near Pena Blanca Lake during Bugguide Gathering 2013. I've ID'ed it as Parabacillus hesperus since the Parabacillus Info page states that it is found in southern AZ, and that the only other species in our area (P. coloradus) occurs northeast of this.

Note that right leg II is significantly shorter than left leg II. This is developemental defect (vs. a perspective illusion). The specimen was desiccated with and retains a relatively flat profile. It is supported by two 0.003 inch diameter tungsten wires, to which it is glued with Bioquip #1157 insect repair adhesive on its dorsal surface.

This image is from a CombineZP processed stack of 32 images with a 637 µm step taken with a Nikon 200mm F/4 AF-D ED-IF Micro Nikkor macro set to F/8 + Nikon D810 camera.

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