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Cricket - Myrmecophilus pergandei - male

Cricket - Myrmecophilus pergandei - Male
Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA
June 10, 2007
Size: 5mm
Going by memory on the size. Found several under a rock. Ant cricket, Myrmecophilus sp, perhaps?

I'm so sad...
I can't believe it! I just found either this or another species under a stone in a Carpenter ant nest.
I went back for my camera but by the time I came back the crickets had fled & I foolishly tried digging them out.

Bad idea...


Great find, and a fabulous image! It is indeed an ant cricket.

Eastern Ant Cricket?
Thanks Eric.

Only one species exist in the east: Eastern Ant Cricket - Myrmecophilus pergandei. I found one image here which looked pretty good with the hind tibia spurs matching well. However, the range map in my Grasshoppers, Katydids, and Crickets Of The United Sates field guide places this fellow south of New Jersey and the illustration looks very different.

There appears to be no family or species pages in Bugguide.

Comments in
this Mississippi paper seem to imply pergandei is only species in the east, so we will move it there pending more information.