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Where do I submit photos???

Where do I go to submit my photos? Sorry if this is plainly obvious, and I just missed it.

Thanks all!

-Costa N. Galazios

ID Request or guide
Yes, this is hard to find sometimes. If you do not know the identification, go to then ID Request tab along the top (linked here) and then click on the add image link. You will then get a dialog screen for uploading.

If you know the identification already, you can submit directly to the guide page at that taxonomic level. Find it--using search is easiest, and it usually works best to search on genus first, then find a particular species with the navigation tabs. Once you get to the right place, click on the Images tab and you will see a similar add image link.

Ohh, ok!

Thank you so much. I am eager to begin photographing my collection, and also submitting my live shots as well (pending positive ID, of course). Thanks for the help there. I've never before joined a group of fellow bug nerds before, and am really quite enamored with the prospect of such entomological collaboration. The guide has helped me immensely with obscure ID's, most recently S. imitans(Cerambycidae), and a male Mutillidae (Velvet ant).

Do you have spider wasps?
I'm just bored:-)...but I thought I'd ask if you had any. I don't usually start seeing a lot of live shots until late July/August so I'm just waiting for them.

My recent live shots that I have queued up to upload are a pair of Leptoglossus phyllopus (Leaf-footed Bug) mating, Battus Philenor (Pipevine Swallotwail) larvae, Junonia coenia (Common Buckeye), and Vanessa atalanta (Red Admiral). Since I am an avid collector, I do not have an opportunity to take live photos of most of my most interesting specimens, or more accurately, not while they're still in the wild. I normally take live shots of insects I already have in my collection, to further appreciate them through phorography as well. I do have some nesting hornet pictures I need to post also. Alas, it is tricky for me to find the time, since I have to rescale the images, upload, etc. But they will be coming soon! How's the fauna in your neck of the woods?

Some groups in Ohio have been surveyed completely (butterflies and skippers, owlet moths, ants, tiger beetles, etc., etc.). I've surveyed the spider wasps (108 species) but it's probably not nearly as diverse as in Texas. I probably live in the worst part of Ohio for diversity, though. It ranges from 3-10% forested and land use is mainly for agriculture. Soybean fields are all that great for diversity, but I can always go to the Oak Openings:-)

Did you like the new one
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could you not LOVE a Poecilopompilus with prey:-)