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Lampronia oregonella - female

Lampronia oregonella - Female
Mt Arrowsmith, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
July 1, 2014
Size: Approx 20mm
I forwarded this moth to Greg Pohl who dissected it and confirmed it as a female Lampronia oregonella. He noted that L. oregonella has 2 complete bands of white, whereas russatella is considerably smaller and has only 1 complete band and 2 or 3 white triangles on the forewing.

Greg also referenced a 1905 publication by William G. Dietz: "Revision of the Genera & Species of the Tineid Subfamilies Amydriinae and Tineinae inhabiting North America", Transactions of the American Entomological Society 31(1) 1-95. Relevant pages are 36 & 37:
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Three or four other individuals were found at the same location - approximately 3,000 foot elevation. Some variability in the width of the white patches on the forewing. Will post a second photo of one with slightly larger white patches.