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Superfamily Miroidea

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Heteroptera - True Bugs
Infraorder Cimicomorpha
Superfamily Miroidea

Family Miridae - Plant Bugs
Subfamily Bryocorinae
Tribe Dicyphini
Genus Campyloneura
Species virgula - Campyloneura virgula
Genus Dicyphus
Species discrepans - Dicyphus discrepans
Species famelicus - Dicyphus famelicus
Species hesperus - Dicyphus hesperus
Genus Engytatus
Species modestus - Tomato Bug
Genus Macrolophus
Species brevicornis - Macrolophus brevicornis
Species mimuli - Macrolophus mimuli
Species pygmaeus - Macrolophus pygmaeus
Species separatus - Macrolophus separatus
Species tenuicornis - Macrolophus tenuicornis
Genus Tupiocoris
Species agilis - Tupiocoris agilis
Species californicus - Tupiocoris californicus
Species notatus - Tupiocoris notatus
Species rhododendri - Tupiocoris rhododendri
Species rufescens - Tupiocoris rufescens
Species rubi - Tupiocoris rubi
Species similis - Tupiocoris similis
Genus Usingerella
Species simplex - Usingerella simplex
Tribe Bryocorini
Genus Bryocoris
Species pteridis - Bryocoris pteridis
Genus Monalocoris
Species americanus - Monalocoris americanus
Tribe Eccritotarsini
Genus Agaveocoris
Species barberi - Agaveocoris barberi
Species distanti - Caulotops distanti
Genus Aguayomiris
Species pallipes - Aguayomiris pallipes
Genus Cyrtocapsus
Species caligineus - Cyrtocapsus caligineus
Genus Halticotoma
Species andrei - Halticotoma andrei
Species nicholi - Halticotoma nicholi
Species valida - Yucca Plant Bug
Genus Hesperolabops
Species gelastops - Hesperolabops gelastops
Genus Pycnoderes
Species dilatatus - Pycnoderes dilatatus
Species medius - Pycnoderes medius
Species obscuratus - Pycnoderes obscuratus
Species quadrimaculatus - Pycnoderes quadrimaculatus
Genus Schaffnerocoris
Species fuscotibialis - Schaffnerocoris fuscotibialis
Genus Sixeonotus
Species albicornis - Sixeonotus albicornis
Species areolatus - Sixeonotus areolatus
Species dextratus - Sixeonotus dextratus
Species insignis - Sixeonotus insignis
Species tenebrosus - Sixeonotus tenebrosus
Subfamily Cylapinae
Genus Cylapus
Species tenuicornis - Cylapus tenuicornis
Genus Fulvius
Species anthocoroides - Fulvius anthocoroides
Species atratus - Fulvius atratus
Species imbecilis - Fulvius imbecilis
Species slateri - Fulvius slateri
Species subnitens - Fulvius subnitens
Genus Peritropis
Species husseyi - Peritropis husseyi
Species saldaeformis - Peritropis saldaeformis
Subfamily Deraeocorinae
Genus Eustictus
Species albocuneatus - Eustictus albocuneatus
Species albomaculatus - Eustictus albomaculatus
Species claripennis - Eustictus claripennis
Species knighti - Eustictus knighti
Species necopinus - Eustictus necopinus
Species pilipes - Eustictus pilipes
Species pusillus - Eustictus pusillus
Species salicicola - Eustictus salicicola
Tribe Deraeocorini
Genus Conocephalocoris
Species nasicus - Conocephalocoris nasicus
Genus Deraeocoris
Species aphidiphagus - Deraeocoris aphidiphagus
Species bakeri - Deraeocoris bakeri
Species brevis - Deraeocoris brevis
Species davisi - Deraeocoris davisi
Species fenestratus - Deraeocoris fenestratus
Species fulgidus - Deraeocoris fulgidus
Species grandis - Deraeocoris grandis
Species histrio - Deraeocoris histrio
Species manitou - Deraeocoris manitou
Species nebulosus - Deraeocoris nebulosus
Species nigritulus - Deraeocoris nigritulus
Species nitenatus - Deraeocoris nitenatus
Species nubilus - Deraeocoris nubilus
Species ornatus - Deraeocoris ornatus
Species poecilus - Deraeocoris poecilus
Species quercicola - Deraeocoris quercicola
Species ruber - Deraeocoris ruber
Species sayi - Deraeocoris sayi
No Taxon Camptobrochis - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Diplozona
Species collaris - Diplozona collaris
Genus Eurychilopterella
Species brunneata - Eurychilopterella brunneata
Species luridula - Eurychilopterella luridula
Species pacifica - Eurychilopterella pacifica
Tribe Hyaliodini
Genus Hyaliodes
Species brevis - Hyaliodes brevis
Species harti - Hart's Hyaline Plant Bug
Species vitripennis - Hyaliodes vitripennis
Genus Stethoconus
Species praefectus - Stethoconus praefectus
Tribe Clivinematini
Genus Ambracius - Ambracius 0
Species liviae - Ambracius liviae 0
Genus Clivinema
Species detecta - Clivinema detecta
Species regalis - Clivinema regalis
Species villosa - Clivinema villosa
Genus Bothynotus
Species barberi - Bothynotus barberi
Genus Largidea
Species davisi - Largidea davisi
Subfamily Isometopinae - Jumping Tree Bugs
Genus Corticoris
Species pulchellus - Corticoris pulchellus
Species signatus - Corticoris signatus
Genus Diphleps
Species unica - Diphleps unica
Genus Lidopus
Species heidemanni - Lidopus heidemanni
Genus Myiomma
Species cixiiforme - Myiomma cixiiforme
Subfamily Mirinae
Tribe Herdoniini
Genus Barberiella
Species formicoides - Barberiella formicoides
Genus Closterocoris
Species amoenus - Closterocoris amoenus
Genus Cyphopelta
Species modesta - Cyphopelta modesta
Genus Dacerla
Species mediospinosa - Dacerla mediospinosa
Genus Mexicomiris
Species texanus - Mexicomiris texanus
Genus Paradacerla
Species downesi - Paradacerla downesi
Genus Paraxenetus
Species guttulatus - Paraxenetus guttulatus
Tribe Mirini
Genus Adelphocoris
Species lineolatus - Alfalfa Plant Bug
Species rapidus - Rapid Plant Bug
Genus Agnocoris
Species pulverulentus - Agnocoris pulverulentus
Species rossi - Agnocoris rossi
Species rubicundus - Agnocoris rubicundus
Genus Apolygus
Species lucorum - Apolygus lucorum
Genus Bolteria
Species amicta - Bolteria amicta
Species luteifrons - Bolteria luteifrons
Genus Calocoris
Species barberi - Calocoris barberi
Species texanus - Calocoris texanus
Genus Camptozygum
Species aequale - Camptozygum aequale
Genus Capsus
Species cinctus - Capsus cinctus
Species ater - Capsus ater
Genus Closterotomus
Species fulvomaculatus - Closterotomus fulvomaculatus
Species norvegicus - Potato Bug
Genus Coccobaphes
Species frontifer - Coccobaphes frontifer
Genus Creontiades
Species debilis - Creontiades debilis
Species rubrinervis - Creontiades rubrinervis
Species signatus - Creontiades signatus
Genus Dagbertus
Species fasciatus - Dagbertus fasciatus
Species olivaceus - Dagbertus olivaceus
Species semipictus - Dagbertus semipictus
Genus Derophthalma
Species emissitia - Derophthalma emissitia
Genus Dichrooscytus
Species cuneatus - Dichrooscytus cuneatus
Species elegans - Dichrooscytus elegans
Species longirostris - Dichrooscytus longirostris
Species repletus - Dichrooscytus repletus
Species suspectus - Dichrooscytus suspectus
Genus Ectopiocerus
Species anthracinus - Ectopiocerus anthracinus
Genus Ganocapsus
Species filiformis - Ganocapsus filiformis
Genus Garganus
Species splendidus - Garganus splendidus
Species fusiformis - Garganus fusiformis
Genus Gracilimiris
Species litoralis - Gracilimiris litoralis
Species strigosus - Gracilimiris strigosus
Species rubrolineatus - Gracilimiris rubrolineatus
Genus Henrylygus
Species ultranubilus - Henrylygus ultranubilus
Genus Irbisia
Species brachycera - Irbisia brachycera
Species californica - Irbisia californica
Species fuscipubescens - Irbisia fuscipubescens
Species mollipes - Irbisia mollipes
Species oreas - Irbisia oreas
Species pacifica - Pacific Grass Bug
Species sericans - Irbisia sericans
Species solani - Irbisia solani
Species serrata - Irbisia serrata
Genus Knightomiris
Species distinctus - Knightomiris distinctus
Genus Lampethusa
Species anatina - Lampethusa anatina
Species nicholi - Lampethusa nicholi
Genus Lygidea
Species salicis - Lygidea salicis
Species mendax - Lygidea mendax
Species rosacea - Lygidea rosacea
Genus Lygocoris
Species deraeocorides - Lygocoris deraeocorides
Species pabulinus - Common Green Capsid
Species rugicollis - Lygocoris rugicollis
Genus Lygus - Lygus Bugs
Species abroniae - Lygus abroniae
Species atriflavus - Lygus atriflavus
Species borealis - Lygus borealis
Species bradleyi - Lygus bradleyi
Species ceanothi - Lygus ceanothi
Species convexicollis - Lygus convexicollis
Species elisus - Pale Legume Bug
Species hesperus - Western Tarnished Plant Bug
Species keltoni - Lygus keltoni
Species lineolaris - Tarnished Plant Bug
Species mexicanus - Lygus mexicanus
Species plagiatus - Lygus plagiatus
Species punctatus - Lygus punctatus
Species rubroclarus - Lygus rubroclarus
Species rugulipennis - Lygus rugulipennis
Species shulli - Lygus shulli
Species striatus - Lygus striatus
Species vanduzeei - Lygus vanduzeei
No Taxon not yet identified nymphs
No Taxon unidentified group 1 (mostly green)
No Taxon unidentified group 2 (mostly red)
Genus Metriorrhynchomiris
Species dislocatus - Wild Onion Mirid
Species fallax - Metriorrhynchomiris fallax
Species illini - Metriorrhynchomiris illini
Genus Monalocorisca
Species rostrata - Monalocorisca rostrata
Genus Neoborella
Species simplex - Neoborella simplex
Genus Neoborops
Species vigilax - Neoborops vigilax
Genus Neocapsus
Species leviscutatus - Neocapsus leviscutatus
Species fasciativentris - Neocapsus fasciativentris
Genus Neolygus
Species caryae - Hickory Plant Bug
Species communis - Pear Plant Bug
Species hirticulus - Neolygus hirticulus
Species inconspicuus - Neolygus inconspicuus
Species laureae - Neolygus laureae
Species omnivagus - Neolygus omnivagus
Species quercalbae - Neolygus quercalbae
Species semivittatus - Neolygus semivittatus
Species tiliae - Neolygus tiliae
Species tinctus - Neolygus tinctus
Species vitticollis - Neolygus vitticollis
No Taxon Temporary page for ID - Greenish Color
No Taxon Temporary page for ID - Grayish-Greenish Color
No Taxon Temporary page for ID - Reddish to Brownish Color
No Taxon Temporary page for ID - Uniformly Brownish to Black Color
Genus Neurocolpus
No Taxon mexicanus group
Species arizonae - Neurocolpus arizonae
Species johnstoni - Neurocolpus johnstoni
Species knighti - Neurocolpus knighti
Species mexicanus - Neurocolpus mexicanus
Species montanus - Neurocolpus montanus
Species simplex - Neurocolpus simplex
No Taxon nubilus group
Species jessiae - Neurocolpus jessiae
Species longirostris - Neurocolpus longirostris
Species nubilus - Clouded Plant Bug
No Taxon sp. 1 (nearly uniformly red)
Genus Nonlygus
Species nubilatus - Nonlygus nubilatus
Genus Notholopisca
Species californica - Notholopisca californica
Genus Orthops
Species scutellatus - Orthops scutellatus
Genus Pappus
Genus Phytocoris
Species acaciae - Phytocoris acaciae
Species albicuneatus - Phytocoris albicuneatus
Species albidopictus - Phytocoris albidopictus
Species albifrons - Phytocoris albifrons
Species antennalis - Phytocoris antennalis
Species arizonensis - Phytocoris arizonensis
Species baboquivari - Phytocoris baboquivari
Species buenoi - Phytocoris buenoi
Species brevifurcatus - Phytocoris brevifurcatus
Species brevisetosus - Phytocoris brevisetosus
Species breviusculus - Phytocoris breviusculus
Species canadensis - Phytocoris canadensis
Species carnosulus - Phytocoris carnosulus
Species cercocarpi - Phytocoris cercocarpi
Species confluens - Phytocoris confluens
Species consors - Phytocoris consors
Species conspurcatus - Phytocoris conspurcatus
Species coronadoi - Phytocoris coronadoi
Species corticola - Phytocoris corticola
Species decurvatus - Phytocoris decurvatus
Species depictus - Phytocoris depictus
Species difformis - Phytocoris difformis
Species diversus - Phytocoris diversus
Species electilis - Phytocoris electilis
Species empirensis - Phytocoris empirensis
Species erectus - Phytocoris erectus
Species eurekae - Phytocoris eurekae
Species exemplus - Phytocoris exemplus
Species eximius - Phytocoris eximius
Species fenestratus - Phytocoris fenestratus
Species fulvus - Phytocoris fulvus
Species fuscipennis - Phytocoris fuscipennis
Species hispidus - Phytocoris hispidus
Species infuscatus - Phytocoris infuscatus
Species inops - Phytocoris inops
Species junceus - Phytocoris junceus
Species junipericola - Phytocoris junipericola
Species laevis - Phytocoris laevis
Species lasiomerus - Phytocoris lasiomerus
Species listi - Phytocoris listi
Species luteolus - Phytocoris luteolus
Species maricopae - Phytocoris maricopae
Species maritimus - Phytocoris maritimus
Species minituberculatus - Phytocoris minituberculatus
Species neglectus - Phytocoris neglectus
Species nicholi - Phytocoris nicholi
Species nigricollis - Phytocoris nigricollis
Species pallidicornis - Phytocoris pallidicornis
Species planituberis - Phytocoris planituberis
Species puella - Phytocoris puella
Species pulchricollis - Phytocoris pulchricollis
No Taxon near quercicola
Species ramosus - Phytocoris ramosus
Species rileyi - Phytocoris rileyi
Species roseipennis - Phytocoris roseipennis
Species roseotinctus - Phytocoris roseotinctus
Species roseus - Phytocoris roseus
Species rubrimaculatus - Phytocoris rubrimaculatus
Species rubroornatus - Phytocoris rubroornatus
Species rufoscriptus - Phytocoris rufoscriptus
Species salicis - Phytocoris salicis
Species seminotatus - Phytocoris seminotatus
Species simulatus - Phytocoris simulatus
Species spicatus - Phytocoris spicatus
Species squamosus - Phytocoris squamosus
Species stitti - Phytocoris stitti
Species taxodii - Phytocoris taxodii
Species tenerum - Phytocoris tenerum
Species tenuis - Phytocoris tenuis
Species tibialis - Phytocoris tibialis
Species tiliae - Phytocoris tiliae
Species uniformis - Phytocoris uniformis
Species vanduzeei - Phytocoris vanduzeei
Species varipes - Phytocoris varipes
Species vau - Phytocoris vau
Species ventralis - Phytocoris ventralis
Species venustus - Phytocoris venustus
Species yollabollae - Phytocoris yollabollae
Species unnamed-a - Phytocoris unnamed sp. 1
No Taxon Eastern Group I - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon Eastern Group II - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon colored otherwise
No Taxon brown colored
No Taxon Eastern Group III - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon Eastern Group IV - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon Western Group - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon typical brown
No Taxon colored otherwise
No Taxon candidus group
No Taxon juniperanus group
No Taxon rostratus group
No Taxon stellatus group
Species unnamed-c - Phytocoris unnamed sp. 3
Genus Pinalitus
Species approximatus - Pinalitus approximatus
Species rubricatus - Pinalitus rubricatus
Species rubrotinctus - Pinalitus rubrotinctus
Genus Poecilocapsus
Species lineatus - Four-lined Plant Bug
Species nigriger - Poecilocapsus nigriger
Genus Polymerus
Species americanus - Polymerus americanus
Species basalis - Red-spotted Aster Mirid
Species fulvipes - Polymerus fulvipes
Species opacus - Polymerus opacus
Species proximus - Polymerus proximus
Species rubrocuneatus - Red-cuneus Plant Bug
Species testaceipes - Polymerus testaceipes
Species unifasciatus - Polymerus unifasciatus
Species venaticus - Polymerus venaticus
Species venestus - Polymerus venestus
Genus Proba
Species californica - Proba californica
Species vittiscutis - Proba vittiscutis
Species sallei - Proba sallei
Species distanti - Proba distanti
Genus Pycnocoris
Species ursinus - Pycnocoris ursinus
Genus Rhabdomiris
Species striatellus - Striped Oak Bug
Genus Salignus
Species tahoensis - Salignus tahoensis
Genus Stenotus
Species binotatus - Two-spotted Grass Bug
Genus Stittocapsus
Species franseriae - Stittocapsus franseriae
Genus Taedia
Species albifacies - Taedia albifacies
Species celtidis - Taedia celtidis
Species deletica - Taedia deletica
Species evonymi - Taedia evonymi
Species externa - Taedia externa
Species fasciola - Taedia fasciola
Species johnstoni - Taedia johnstoni
No Taxon limba or pallidula
Species maculosa - Taedia maculosa
Species marmorata - Taedia marmorata
Species multisignata - Taedia multisignata
Species nicholi - Taedia nicholi
Species scrupea - Taedia scrupea
Species virgulata - Taedia virgulata
No Taxon pattern 1 (pronotum, scutellum, embolium orange)
No Taxon pattern 2 (pronotum, scutellum, embolium, part of clavus red)
No Taxon pattern 3 (head, scutellum, embolium, anterior part of pronotum red)
No Taxon pattern 4 (pronotum, scutellum yellow to red)
No Taxon pattern 5 (scutellum, anterior part of pronotum red or orange)
No Taxon pattern 6 (pronotum, scutellum, cuneus orange)
No Taxon pattern 7 (overall blackish color)
No Taxon pattern 8 (overall light brownish color or spotted)
Genus Taylorilygus
Species apicalis - Broken-backed Bug
Genus Tropidosteptes
Species adustus - Tropidosteptes adustus
Species amoenus - Ash Plant Bug
Species cardinalis - Tropidosteptes cardinalis
Species commissuralis - Tropidosteptes commissuralis
Species geminus - Tropidosteptes geminus
Species neglectus - Tropidosteptes neglectus
Species pacificus - Tropidosteptes pacificus
Species palmeri - Tropidosteptes palmeri
Species pubescens - Tropidosteptes pubescens
Species quercicola - Oak Catkin Mirid
Species rufusculus - Tropidosteptes rufusculus
Species tricolor - Tropidosteptes tricolor
Species vittifrons - Tropidosteptes vittifrons
Tribe Resthenini
Genus Oncerometopus
Species atriscutis - Oncerometopus atriscutis
Species nigriclavus - Oncerometopus nigriclavus
Species ruber - Oncerometopus ruber
Genus Opistheurista
Species clandestina - Opistheurista clandestina
Genus Platytylus
Species bicinctus - Platytylus bicinctus
Genus Prepops
Species bivittis - Prepops bivittis
Species borealis - Prepops borealis
Species circumcinctus - Prepops circumcinctus
Species cruciferus - Prepops cruciferus
Species fraterculus - Prepops fraterculus
Species fraternus - Prepops fraternus
Species insitivus - Prepops insitivus
Species nigripilus - Prepops nigripilus
Species nigroscutellatus - Prepops nigroscutellatus
Species rubroscutellatus - Prepops rubroscutellatus
Species rubrovittatus - Prepops rubrovittatus
Species atripennis - Prepops atripennis 0
Species nigricollis - Prepops nigricollis 0
Tribe Stenodemini
Genus Autumnimiris
Species albescens - Autumnimiris albescens
Species koebelei - Autumnimiris koebelei
Species rubicundus - Autumnimiris rubicundus
Genus Chaetofoveolocoris
Species hirsutus - Chaetofoveolocoris hirsutus
Genus Collaria
Species oculata - Collaria oculata
Species meilleurii - Collaria meilleurii
Genus Leptopterna
Species ferrugata - Leptopterna ferrugata
Species dolabrata - Meadow Plant Bug
Genus Litomiris
Species curtus - Litomiris curtus
Species debilis - Litomiris debilis
Genus Megaloceroea
Species recticornis - Megaloceroea recticornis
Genus Mimoceps
Species insignis - Mimoceps insignis
Genus Pithanus
Species maerkelii - Pithanus maerkelii
Genus Stenodema
No Taxon subgenus Stenodema
Species pilosipes - Stenodema pilosipes
Species vicinum - Stenodema vicinum
No Taxon subgenus Brachystira
Species trispinosum - Stenodema trispinosum
Genus Teratocoris
Species discolor - Teratocoris discolor
Species paludum - Teratocoris paludum
Genus Trigonotylus
Species caelestialium - Rice Leaf Bug
Species pulcher - Trigonotylus pulcher
Species uhleri - Trigonotylus uhleri
Genus Porpomiris
Species curtulus - Porpomiris curtulus
Subfamily Orthotylinae
Tribe Ceratocapsini
Genus Ceratocapsidea
Species fusiformis - Ceratocapsidea fusiformis
Genus Ceratocapsus
Species apicalis - Ceratocapsus apicalis
Species apicatus - Ceratocapsus apicatus
Species barbatus - Ceratocapsus barbatus
Species fasciatus - Ceratocapsus fasciatus
Species fuscosignatus - Ceratocapsus fuscosignatus
Species juglandis - Ceratocapsus juglandis
Species modestus - Ceratocapsus modestus
Species nigellus - Ceratocapsus nigellus
Species nigrocephalus - Ceratocapsus nigrocephalus
Species pilosulus - Ceratocapsus pilosulus
Species pumilus - Ceratocapsus pumilus
Species setosus - Ceratocapsus setosus
Species uniformis - Ceratocapsus uniformis
No Taxon pumilus group
No Taxon wide pale basal band
Genus Pamillia
Species behrensii - Pamillia behrensii
Genus Pilophoropsidea
Species camela - Pilophoropsidea camela
Genus Pilophoropsis
Species brachyptera - Pilophoropsis brachyptera
Species nicholi - Pilophoropsis nicholi
Genus Schaffneria
Species davisi - Schaffneria davisi
Tribe Coridromiini
Genus Coridromius
Species chenopoderis - Coridromius chenopoderis
Tribe Halticini
Genus Anapus
Genus Halticus - Fleahoppers
Species apterus - Halticus apterus
Species intermedius - Halticus intermedius
Genus Labops
Species burmeisteri - Labops burmeisteri
Species hesperius - Black Grass Bug
Species hirtus - Labops hirtus
Genus Microtechnites
Species bractatus - Garden Fleahopper
Genus Myrmecophyes
Species oregonensis - Myrmecophyes oregonensis
Genus Orthocephalus
Species saltator - Orthocephalus saltator
Species coriaceus - Orthocephalus coriaceus
Tribe Orthotylini
Genus Aoplonema
Species nigrum - Aoplonema nigrum
Species princeps - Aoplonema princeps
Species rubrum - Aoplonema rubrum
Genus Aoplonemella
Species festiva - Aoplonemella festiva
Genus Apachemiris
Species areolatus - Apachemiris areolatus
Genus Argyrocoris
Species scurrilis - Argyrocoris scurrilis
Genus Ballella
Species basicornis - Ballella basicornis
Genus Blepharidopterus
Species angulatus - Black-kneed Capsid
Species chlorionis - Honeylocust Plant Bug
Species provancheri - Blepharidopterus provancheri
Genus Brachynotocoris
Species puncticornis - Brachynotocoris puncticornis
Genus Brooksetta
Species althaeae - Hollyhock Plant Bug
Species malvastri - Brooksetta malvastri
Genus Cyrtorhinus - Cyrtorhinus 0
Genus Daleapidea
Species albescens - Daleapidea albescens
Genus Dichaetocoris
Genus Ephedrodoma
Species multilineata - Ephedrodoma multilineata
Genus Falconia
Species maculipennis - Falconia maculipennis
Genus Hadronema
Species incognitum - Hadronema incognitum
Species militare - Hadronema militare
Species pictum - Hadronema pictum
Genus Hadronemidea
Species echinata - Hadronemidea echinata
Genus Heterocordylus
Species malinus - Heterocordylus malinus
Genus Heterotoma
Species planicornis - Heterotoma planicornis
Genus Hyalochloria
Genus Ilnacora
Species arizonae - Ilnacora arizonae
Species malina - Ilnacora malina
Species nicholi - Ilnacora nicholi
Species stalii - Ilnacora stalii
Species vittifrons - Ilnacora vittifrons
Genus Ilnacorella
Species sulcata - Ilnacorella sulcata
Genus Labopella
Species claripennis - Labopella claripennis
Genus Labopidea
Species cepula - Labopidea cepula
Species allii - Onion Plant Bug
Species nigrisetosa - Labopidea nigrisetosa
Genus Lopidea
Species ampla - Lopidea ampla
Species anisacanthi - Lopidea anisacanthi
Species apache - Lopidea apache
Species barberi - Lopidea barberi
Species confraterna - Lopidea confraterna
Species instabilis - Lopidea instabilis
Species lateralis - Lopidea lateralis
Species major - Mountain Laurel Mirid
Species marginata - Lopidea marginata
Species media - Lopidea media
Species minima - Lopidea minima
Species nigridia - Lopidea nigridia
Species staphyleae - Lopidea staphyleae
Species wileyae - Lopidea wileyae
Species caesar - Lopidea caesar 0
Species confluenta - Lopidea confluenta 0
Species davisi - Lopidea davisi 0
Species teton - Lopidea teton 0
Genus Lopidella
Species flavoscuta - Lopidella flavoscuta
Genus Malacocoris
Species chlorizans - Delicate Apple-capsid
Genus Mecomma
Species antennatum - Mecomma antennatum
Species gilvipes - Mecomma gilvipes
Genus Melymacra
Species apicalis - Melymacra apicalis
Genus Noctuocoris
Species fumidus - Noctuocoris fumidus
Genus Origonema
Species splendida - Origonema splendida
Genus Orthotylus
Species albocostatus - Orthotylus albocostatus
Species angulatus - Orthotylus angulatus
Species candidatus - Orthotylus (Neomecomma) candidatus
Species coagulatus - Orthotylus coagulatus
Species flavosparsus - Orthotylus flavosparsus
Species modestus - Orthotylus modestus
Species necopinus - Orthotylus necopinus
Species ornatus - Orthotylus ornatus
Species ramus - Orthotylus ramus 0
Species submarginatus - Orthotylus submarginatus
Species ute - Orthotylus ute
Species virescens - Orthotylus virescens
Genus Paraproba
Species capitata - Paraproba capitata
Species cincta - Paraproba cincta
Species hamata - Paraproba hamata
Species pendula - Paraproba pendula
Genus Parthenicus
Species covilleae - Parthenicus covilleae
Species cuneotinctus - Parthenicus cuneotinctus 0
Species deleticus - Parthenicus deleticus
Species juniperi - Parthenicus juniperi
Species micans - Parthenicus micans
Species muchmorei - Parthenicus muchmorei
Species oreades - Parthenicus oreades
Species pictus - Parthenicus pictus
Species psalliodes - Parthenicus psalliodes
Species ruber - Parthenicus ruber
Species rubromaculosus - Parthenicus rubromaculosus
Species rufivenosus - Parthenicus rufivenosus
Species rufusculus - Parthenicus rufusculus
Species sedumicola - Parthenicus sedumicola
Species taxodii - Parthenicus taxodii
Species vaccini - Parthenicus vaccini
Species weemsi - Parthenicus weemsi
Species wheeleri - Parthenicus wheeleri
Genus Proboscidotylus - Proboscidotylus 0
Genus Pseudoloxops
Species coccineus - Pseudoloxops coccineus
Genus Pseudopsallus
Species angularis - Pseudopsallus angularis
Species anograe - Pseudopsallus anograe
Species atriseta - Pseudopsallus atriseta
Species demensus - Pseudopsallus demensus
Species puberus - Pseudopsallus puberus
Species sericatus - Pseudopsallus sericatus
Species viridicans - Pseudopsallus viridicans
Genus Pseudothenicus
Species rubropunctatus - Pseudothenicus rubropunctatus
Genus Pseudoxenetus
Species regalis - Pseudoxenetus regalis
Genus Reuteria
Species bifurcata - Reuteria bifurcata
Species fuscicornis - Reuteria fuscicornis
Species irrorata - Reuteria irrorata
Species platani - Reuteria platani
Species querci - Reuteria querci
No Taxon irrorata/wheeleri/craigi group
Genus Saileria
Species bella - Saileria bella
Species irrorata - Saileria irrorata
Genus Scalponotatus
Species albibasis - Scalponotatus albibasis
Genus Sericophanes
Species albomaculatus - Sericophanes albomaculatus
Species heidemanni - Sericophanes heidemanni
Species ocellatus - Sericophanes ocellatus
Species triangularis - Sericophanes triangularis
Genus Slaterocoris
Species ambrosiae - Slaterocoris ambrosiae
Species atritibialis - Slaterocoris atritibialis
Species breviatus - Slaterocoris breviatus
Species croceipes - Slaterocoris croceipes
Species pallipes - Slaterocoris pallipes
Species rubrofemoratus - Slaterocoris rubrofemoratus
Species stygicus - Slaterocoris stygicus
Genus Texocoris
Species nigrellus - Texocoris nigrellus
Subfamily Phylinae
Tribe Cremnorrhinini
Genus Amblytylus
Species nasutus - Amblytylus nasutus
Genus Calidroides
Species schaffneri - Calidroides schaffneri
Genus Coquillettia
Species albella - Coquillettia albella
Species albiclava - Coquillettia albiclava
Species attica - Coquillettia attica
Species insignis - Coquillettia insignis
Species lactea - Coquillettia lactea
Species mimetica - Coquillettia mimetica
Species schwartzi - Coquillettia schwartzi
Species venusta - Coquillettia venusta
Genus Guentherocoris
Species atritibialis - Guentherocoris atritibialis
Genus Leutiola
Species ajo - Leutiola ajo
Genus Lopus
Species decolor - Lopus decolor
Genus Macrotylus
Species amoenus - Macrotylus amoenus
Species dorsalis - Macrotylus dorsalis
Species essigi - Macrotylus essigi
Species infuscatus - Macrotylus infuscatus
Species intermedius - Macrotylus intermedius
Species regalis - Macrotylus regalis
Species sexguttatus - Macrotylus sexguttatus
Species tristis - Macrotylus tristis
Species vanduzeei - Macrotylus vanduzeei
Species undescribed-sp-a - Macrotylus sp A
Genus Orectoderus
Species montanus - Orectoderus montanus
Species obliquus - Orectoderus obliquus
Genus Pronotocrepis
Species clavicornis - Pronotocrepis clavicornis
Genus Teleorhinus
Species cyaneus - Teleorhinus cyaneus
Species tephrosicola - Teleorhinus tephrosicola
Tribe Decomiini
Tribe Exaeretini
Genus Gonoporomiris
Species mirificus - Gonoporomiris mirificus
Tribe Hallodapini
Genus Cyrtopeltocoris
Species ajo - Cyrtopeltocoris ajo
Species albofasciatus - Cyrtopeltocoris albofasciatus
Genus Neocyrtopeltocoris
Species triangularis - Neocyrtopeltocoris triangularis
Tribe Leucophoropterini
Genus Tuxedo
Species drakei - Tuxedo drakei
Species flavicollis - Tuxedo flavicollis
Species nicholi - Tuxedo nicholi
Species susansolomonae - Tuxedo susansolomonae
Tribe Nasocorini
Genus Atomoscelis
Species onustus - Atomoscelis onustus
Genus Atractotomus
Species acaciae - Atractotomus acaciae
Species balli - Atractotomus balli
Species cooperi - Atractotomus cooperi
Species griseolus - Atractotomus griseolus
Species magnicornis - Atractotomus magnicornis
Species mali - Atractotomus mali
Species miniatus - Atractotomus miniatus
Species nicholi - Atractotomus nicholi
Species rubidus - Atractotomus rubidus
Genus Campylomma - Mullein Bug
Species verbasci - Mullein Bug
Genus Chlamydatus
Species associatus - Ragweed Plant Bug
Species suavis - Chlamydatus suavis
Species obliquus - Chlamydatus obliquus
Species pulicarius - Chlamydatus pulicarius
Genus Knightomiroides
Species nigrovirgatus - Knightomiroides nigrovirgatus
Genus Megalopsallus
Species brendae - Megalopsallus brendae
Species ephedrae - Megalopsallus ephedrae
Species humeralis - Megalopsallus humeralis
Species marmoratus - Megalopsallus marmoratus
Species nicholi - Megalopsallus nicholi
Species nigricaput - Megalopsallus nigricaput
Species pictipes - Megalopsallus pictipes
Species rubropictipes - Megalopsallus rubropictipes
Species sparsus - Megalopsallus sparsus
Species teretis - Megalopsallus teretis
Genus Phoenicocoris
Species claricornis - Phoenicocoris claricornis
Species rostratus - Phoenicocoris rostratus
Species strobicola - Phoenicocoris strobicola
Genus Rhinacloa
Species callicrates - Rhinacloa callicrates
Species forticornis - Western Plant Bug
Species manleyi - Rhinacloa manleyi
Genus Spanagonicus
Species albofasciatus - Spanagonicus albofasciatus
Tribe Phylini
No Taxon Orange-colored oak-associated western genus group
Subtribe Oncotylina
Genus Americodema
Species knighti - Americodema knighti
Species nigrolineatum - Americodema nigrolineatum
Genus Arizonapsallus
Species stonedahli - Arizonapsallus stonedahli
Genus Asciodema
Species obsoleta - Asciodema obsoleta
Genus Bisulcopsallus
Species fulvipunctatus - Bisulcopsallus fulvipunctatus
Species pallidus - Bisulcopsallus pallidus
Genus Cariniocoris
Species geminatus - Cariniocoris geminatus
Genus Ceratopsallus
Species croceus - Ceratopsallus croceus
Genus Cercocarpopsallus
Species bispinosus - Cercocarpopsallus bispinosus
Genus Compsidolon
Species salicellum - Compsidolon salicellum
Genus Delphiphylus
Species affiguratus - Delphiphylus affiguratus
Genus Europiella
Species angulata - Europiella angulata
Species decolor - Europiella decolor
Genus Hamatophylus
Species guttulosus - Hamatophylus guttulosus
Genus Lineatopsallus
Species biguttulatus - Lineatopsallus biguttulatus
Genus Megalocoleus
Species molliculus - Megalocoleus molliculus
Genus Occidentodema
Species mcfarlandi - Occidentodema mcfarlandi
Genus Oligotylus
Species ceanothi - Oligotylus ceanothi
Genus Oncotylus
Species guttulatus - Oncotylus guttulatus
Genus Parapsallus
Species vitellinus - Parapsallus vitellinus
Genus Phallospinophylus
Species setosus - Phallospinophylus setosus
Genus Phyllopidea
Species picta - Phyllopidea picta
Genus Plagiognathus
Species albatus - Plagiognathus albatus
Species alboradialis - Plagiognathus alboradialis
Species arbustorum - Plagiognathus arbustorum
Species atricornis - Plagiognathus atricornis
Species blatchleyi - Plagiognathus blatchleyi
Species brevirostris - Plagiognathus brevirostris
Species brunneus - Plagiognathus brunneus
Species chrysanthemi - Trefoil Plant Bug
Species cornicola - Plagiognathus cornicola
Species delicatus - Plagiognathus delicatus
Species flavoscutellatus - Plagiognathus flavoscutellatus
Species fuscosus - Plagiognathus fuscosus
Species grandis - Plagiognathus grandis
Species longipennis - Plagiognathus longipennis
Species longirostris - Plagiognathus longirostris
Species maculipennis - Plagiognathus maculipennis
Species modestus - Plagiognathus modestus
Species moerens - Plagiognathus moerens
Species negundinis - Plagiognathus negundinis
Species nigronitens - Plagiognathus nigronitens
Species obscurus - Obscure Plant Bug
Species phaceliae - Plagiognathus phaceliae
Species physocarpi - Plagiognathus physocarpi
Species politus - Plagiognathus politus
Species punctatipes - Plagiognathus punctatipes
Species salicicola - Plagiognathus salicicola
Species shoshonea - Plagiognathus shoshonea
Species syrticolae - Plagiognathus syrticolae
Species tsugae - Plagiognathus tsugae
Species tumidifrons - Plagiognathus tumidifrons
Species verticalis - Plagiognathus verticalis
Species reinhardi - Plagiognathus reinhardi 0
Species schaffneri - Plagiognathus schaffneri 0
Species viticola - Plagiognathus viticola 0
Genus Plesiodema
Species pinicolus - Plesiodema pinicolus
Genus Psallovius
Species piceicola - Psallovius piceicola
Genus Quernocoris
Species caliginosus - Quernocoris caliginosus
Genus Ranzovius
Species californicus - Ranzovius californicus
Species clavicornis - Ranzovius clavicornis
Genus Rhinocapsus
Species rubricans - Rhinocapsus rubricans
Species vanduzeei - Azalea Plant Bug
Genus Sthenaropsidea
Species mcateei - Sthenaropsidea mcateei
Genus Stictopsallus
Species aspersus - Stictopsallus aspersus
Genus Vanduzeephylus
Species falcatus - Vanduzeephylus falcatus
Genus Vesperocoris
Species paddocki - Vesperocoris paddocki
Subtribe Keltoniina
Genus Keltonia
Species pallida - Keltonia pallida
Species rubrofemorata - Keltonia rubrofemorata
Species tuckeri - Keltonia tuckeri
Genus Pseudatomoscelis
Species seriatus - Cotton Fleahopper
Genus Reuteroscopus
Species basicornis - Reuteroscopus basicornis
Species femoralis - Reuteroscopus femoralis
Species nicholi - Reuteroscopus nicholi
Species ornatus - Ornate Plant Bug
Species tinctipennis - Reuteroscopus tinctipennis
Subtribe Phylina
Genus Izyaius
Species sericeus - Izyaius sericeus
Genus Lepidargyrus
Species ancorifer - Lepidargyrus ancorifer
Genus Phylus
Species coryli - Phylus coryli
Genus Psallus
Species falleni - Psallus falleni
Species haematodes - Psallus haematodes
Species variabilis - Psallus variabilis
Genus Sthenarus
Species rotermundi - Sthenarus rotermundi
Tribe Pilophorini
Genus Alepidiella
Species heidemanni - Alepidiella heidemanni
Genus Pilophorus
Species amoenus - Pilophorus amoenus
Species brunneus - Pilophorus brunneus
Species clavicornis - Pilophorus clavicornis
Species confusus - Pilophorus confusus
Species crassipes - Pilophorus crassipes
Species discretus - Pilophorus discretus
Species furvus - Pilophorus furvus
Species gracilis - Pilophorus gracilis
Species heidemanni - Pilophorus heidemanni
Species juniperi - Pilophorus juniperi
Species laetus - Pilophorus laetus
Species minutus - Pilophorus minutus
Species perplexus - Pilophorus perplexus
Species piceicola - Pilophorus piceicola
Species strobicola - Pilophorus strobicola
Species tibialis - Pilophorus tibialis
Species walshii - Pilophorus walshii
No Taxon clavatus species group
Tribe Semiini
Genus Criocoris
Species saliens - Salien Plant Bug
Genus Hoplomachidea
Species consors - Hoplomachidea consors
Genus Nicholia
Species eriogoni - Nicholia eriogoni
Genus Semium
Species hirtum - Semium hirtum
Species subglabrum - Semium subglabrum
Genus Tytthus
Species alboornatus - Tytthus alboornatus
Species balli - Tytthus balli
Species fuscicornis - Tytthus fuscicornis
Species insperatus - Tytthus insperatus
Species parviceps - Tytthus parviceps
Species piceus - Tytthus piceus
Species uniformis - Tytthus uniformis
Species wheeleri - Tytthus wheeleri
No Taxon not yet identified nymphs
Family Thaumastocoridae
Genus Thaumastocoris
Species peregrinus - Thaumastocoris peregrinus
Genus Xylastodoris
Species luteolus - Royal Palm Bug 0
Family Tingidae - Lace Bugs
Subfamily Cantacaderinae
Genus Minitingis
Species minusculus - Minitingis minusculus
Subfamily Tinginae
Tribe Ypsotingini
Genus Derephysia
Species foliacea - Foliaceous Lace Bug
Genus Kalama
Species tricornis - Gorse Lacebug
Genus Dictyonota
Species fuliginosa - Dictyonota (Dictyonota) fuliginosa
Tribe Tingini
Genus Acalypta
Species barberi - Acalypta barberi
Species cooleyi - Acalypta cooleyi
Species elegans - Acalypta elegans
Species lillianis - Acalypta lillianis
Species nyctalis - Acalypta nyctalis
Species parvula - Acalypta parvula
Species saundersi - Acalypta saundersi
Genus Acanthocheila
Species armigera - Acanthocheila armigera
Genus Alveotingis
Species grossocerata - Alveotingis grossocerata
Species brevicornis - Alveotingis brevicornis
Genus Atheas
Species austroriparius - Atheas austroriparius
Species exiguus - Atheas exiguus
Species insignis - Atheas insignis
Species mimeticus - Atheas mimeticus
Species nigricornis - Atheas nigricornis
Genus Calotingis
Species knighti - Calotingis knighti
Genus Corythaica - Eggplant Tingids
Species venusta - Corythaica venusta
Species carinata - Corythaica carinata
Genus Corythucha
Species aesculi - Buckeye Lace Bug
Species arcuata - Oak Lace Bug
Species associata - Cherry Lace Bug
Species bellula - Corythucha bellula
Species celtidis - Hackberry Lace Bug
Subspecies mississippiensis - Corythucha celtidis mississippiensis
Species cerasi - Corythucha cerasi
Species ciliata - Sycamore Lace Bug
Species confraterna - Western Sycamore Lacebug
Species coryli - Hazelnut Lace Bug
Species cydoniae - Hawthorn Lace Bug
Species distincta - Corythucha distincta
Species elegans - Willow Lace Bug
Species eriodictyonae - Corythucha eriodictyonae
Species gossypii - Cotton Lace Bug
Species heidemanni - Corythucha heidemanni
Species immaculata - Corythucha immaculata
Species incurvata - Toyon Lace Bug
Species juglandis - Walnut Lace Bug
Species marmorata - Chrysanthemum Lace Bug
Species melissae - Corythucha melissae
Species mollicula - Corythucha mollicula
Species montivaga - Corythucha montivaga
Species morrilli - Morrill Lace Bug
Species obliqua - Corythucha obliqua
Species pallida - Corythucha pallida
Species pallipes - Birch Lace Bug
Species pergandei - Alder Lace Bug
Species pruni - Corythucha pruni
Species salicata - Corythucha salicata
Species spinosa - Corythucha spinosa
Species ulmi - Elm Lace Bug
No Taxon images that Dr. Miller could not place to species [tmp. page]
Genus Dichocysta
Species pictipes - Dichocysta pictipes
Genus Dictyla
Species echii - Dictyla echii
Species ehrethiae - Dictyla ehrethiae
Species labeculata - Dictyla labeculata
Genus Galeatus
Species affinis - Galeatus affinis
Species spinifrons - Galeatus spinifrons
Genus Gargaphia
Species albescens - Gargaphia albescens
Species amorphae - Gargaphia amorphae
Species angulata - Gargaphia angulata
Species arizonica - Gargaphia arizonica
Species condensa - Gargaphia condensa
Species iridescens - Gargaphia iridescens
Species opacula - Gargaphia opacula
Species solani - Eggplant Lace Bug
Species tiliae - Linden Lace Bug
Genus Hesperotingis
Species antennata - Hesperotingis antennata
Species mississippiensis - Hesperotingis mississippiensis
Species fuscata - Hesperotingis fuscata
Species occidentalis - Hesperotingis occidentalis
Genus Leptodictya
Species nicholi - Leptodictya nicholi
Species plana - Grass Lace Bug
Species simulans - Leptodictya simulans
Genus Leptopharsa
Species clitoriae - Leptopharsa clitoriae
Species heidemanni - Leptopharsa heidemanni
Species oblonga - Leptopharsa oblonga
Genus Leptoypha
Species barberi - Leptoypha barberi
Species costata - Leptoypha costata
Species drakei - Leptoypha drakei
Species elliptica - Leptoypha elliptica
Species minor - Leptoypha minor
Species mutica - Fringetree Lace Bug
Genus Melanorhopala
Species clavata - Melanorhopala clavata
Species infuscata - Melanorhopala infuscata
Genus Physatocheila
Species brevirostris - Physatocheila brevirostris
Species plexa - Physatocheila plexa
Species variegata - Physatocheila variegata
Genus Pseudacysta
Species perseae - Avocado Lace Bug
Genus Stephanitis
Species pyrioides - Azalea Lace Bug
Species rhododendri - Rhododendron Lace Bug
Species takeyai - Andromeda Lace Bug
Genus Teleonemia
Species barberi - Teleonemia barberi
Species belfragii - Teleonemia belfragii
Species monile - Teleonemia monile
Species montivaga - Beardtongue Lacebug
Species nigrina - Teleonemia nigrina
Species scrupulosa - Lantana Lace Bug
Species variegata - Teleonemia variegata 0
Genus Vatiga
Species illudens - Cassava Lace Bug