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Liturgusa maya - female

Liturgusa maya - Female
Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida, USA
March 12, 2016
Size: 1.5 inch
Many females have been found on a wooden fence. No males have yet been found and ooths hatch parthenogenetically.

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Liturgusa maya - female Liturgusa maya - female Liturgusa maya - female

Moved from Liturgusidae.

Could you tell us more about this species?
When was it first found in the U.S? Where is it from? Are there any references documenting this recent introduction? Very interesting!

I believe what John is referring to is that this image is very small. In contrast this image is larger with more detail.

Moved from Frass.

Moved from Mantids.

Do you have any more detailed images?

What do you mean by that? BTW
What do you mean by that? BTW if you decide to move it out of frass. it should go under the family liturgusidae. It is a new discovery to Florida.

Brandon is correct
If you have larger, more suitable images for the guide then by all means post them. Florida is definitely a point of ingress for exotics; it would be interesting to have detailed images which can help to identify them.

How are these pics?
How are these pics?