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Dragonfly - Libellula auripennis - female

Dragonfly - Libellula auripennis - Female
Greenwood Forest, Pine Barrens, Ocean County, New Jersey, USA
June 16, 2007

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Again, I agree with June that this looks like a female Golden-winged. Costa is nice and pale throughout.

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I think it's a female Golden-winged Skimmer,
Libellula auripennis. There is also the possibility of Needham's Skimmer, since the two are very hard to tell apart. This one has a wider black stripe on the top of the abdomen than I'm used to seeing in Needham's Skimmer, though. Also the legs look jet black rather than the lighter color of Needham's.

I agree that the abdomen looks too narrow for Yellow-sided Skimmer, Libellula flavida. I hope Cliff comments, since he lives in New Jersey.

With those very yellow sides
to the thorax and the dark leading edge of the wing, we were tempted to say Libellula flavida, female. But Gayle pointed out that we should see dark streaks in the basal area of each wing which we don't think we see here and the abdomen on yours is long and slender as opposed to the short stocky abdomen of flavida. Hopefully we'll here from June or Cliff or Gayle and see what it really is!