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Mite sp. - Cyta

Mite sp. - Cyta
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Size: 200x magnification
200x magnification. Dogs in house. Rodent nests and bird nests found outdoors.

Arthropods found indoors on people's skin, ironing boards etc.

Moved from Bdellidae. Thanks for the ID!

Cytinae: Cyta
These are stubby looking bdellids identified by their short mouthparts and third eye.

Bdellids typically have four eyes (two on each side). Instead of saying "third eye," what I actually meant was the unpaired "fifth" eye.

Moved from Mites and Ticks.

Family Bdellidae. Predatory m
Family Bdellidae. Predatory mites living in soil & litter - not parasitic. - Barry