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Heteroptera of Eastern North America
By W.S. Blatchley
The Nature Publishing Company, 1926
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Great resource for true bugs of Eastern North America, although sorely out of date.

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"single most useful reference to the bugs"
Blatchley, W.S. 1926. Heteroptera, or true bugs of eastern North America, with especial reference to the faunas of Indiana and Florida. The Nature Publishing Co., Indianapolis. 1116 pp.

Henry & Froeschner (1988) write:

Blatchley's (1926) "Heteroptera of Eastern North America" is probably the single most useful reference to the bugs of the U.S. and Canada. Although more than 60 [now 80] years out of date, its broad coverage with keys to families, genera, and species, accompanied by numerous valuable biological notes and illustrations, makes this volume a necessary point of reference for the North American fauna. Even though Blatchley covers only the eastern part of our region, his keys, notes, and introductory remarks provide a much broader perspective."

Henry, T.J., & R.C. Froeschner, editors. 1988. Catalog of the Heteroptera, or True Bugs, of Canada and the Continental United States. E. J. Brill, New York. xix + 958 pp. (1)