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Unkown Fly ? - Cophura tolandi

Unkown Fly ? - Cophura tolandi
Casa Grande, Arizona, USA
November 24, 2006

Moved from Cophura.

I also cropped this image a little tighter.

Cophura tolandi;
can now confirm the ID of this species.

Moved from Robber Flies. I don't know what reference the subfamilies of Asilidae follow on bugguide, so I'm guessing Dasypogoninae is as good as I'll do.

I can only say that this is a robber fly. I would need a shot of the wings in your section of the world to have a hope of even trying for a genus. There are many genera there that I have never seen. Very hump-backed so it may be in the subfamily Cyrtopogonini.

Robber fly.
I may have a specimen or two from here in Tucson. Ironically, there are some very tiny asilids here, that are easily overlooked when you are 'used to' the big ones:-) Kudos to the photographer for capturing this one.

Thank you
I have always enjoyed the smaller insects. You never know what your going to get until you see it in the view finder.

Robber fly - Cophura sp.
This small-sized robber fly belongs to the genus Cophura. The color pattern of the abdomen places it in the clausa group of Cophura: possibly C. getzendaneri or tolandi.


For coming and taking a look. I have never seen this genus.

Dr. Fisher's page for the other Eric. I tried to add info on his info page but I cannot.

Another Eric here:-) Would you please consider fleshing out your bio page for Bugguide? Forgive us, but we like to know how our experts come by their expertise, whether academia or self-taught. Thank you. Further, you can let us know in your bio how we can help you.