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Wood Gnat - Sylvicola

Wood Gnat - Sylvicola
Ailsa Craig, Ontario, Canada
September 24, 2004
Size: 7-8 mm
Came to garage light. I think this may be a wood gnat (Anisopodidae). One species (Sylvicola fenestralis) is called Window Gnat in Europe, and is on the Nearctica list but these two photos (1, 2) show a quarter-circular gray patch at the wingtip, which I don't see in my photo. Cedar Creek has a generic Sylvicola image.

Moved from Sylvicola.

not fenestralis
There are no errors in your text. It is not fenestralis exactly for the reason that you give. With the relatively scarse markings in the wing it could well be punctatus (I know that one from Europe) but the othere three Nearctic are unknown to me, so I cannot rule those out.


Thanks, Paul. Moved to genus page in Guide.