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Burrowing Bee

Burrowing Bee
Los Angeles (Silver Lake District), Los Angeles County, California, USA
June 27, 2007
Size: Estimated 10mm
There are several of these bees flying about rather busily and giving chase to one another around a small section of our yard where a patch of African violets had bloomed earlier in the season. I noticed an entry point to an underground den in the immediate vicinity but not much more than the occasional bee is coming in or going out of it. In the late afternoon such as when I photographed this specimen, they fly around a bit and eventually settle on a stalk or stem and then hunch up and go completely still unless disturbed, then they will fly again. Their eyes are a greenish hue. From my comparison searching online the closest they seem to be in appearance are the long-horned digger bee, but that's just a total layman's guess.

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Digger Bee Video
The day after posting this ID request I was fortunate to capture video footage of one of the mail long-horned digger bees moving in and out of his den entrance:

"long-horned digger bee"

probably Melissodes

Thank you!
Thank you!

Melissodes sp.?

Thank you, too!
Thank you, too!