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- - Myzinum - female

- - Myzinum - Female
Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kane County, Utah, USA
August 15, 2002
Size: 26 mm
This wasp was found dead on the sand. It has been a total mystery to me for all these years, but in doing some digging here it seems similar to Myzinum sp., especially the entry from M. Brummermann from Blue Sky Road, Cochise Co., AZ on July 14, 2013.

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- - Myzinum - female Possibly Myzinum sp.? - Myzinum - female

Moved from ID Request.

The Cochise Co. observation:

Both your's and her's have wide abdomens, with 6 segments. She should have 10 flagellomeres, but I can't count them here. I like the "J" shaped pattern, on her eye-lines! (an illusion, looks like the head is upside-down)
Your wasp has bright-red legs and Margarethe's are all black, so her's are most likely another, closely related species. (Red color is also on part of the propodeum.) Good Luck!

I count 10
Looks like 10 segments past the long proximal one.